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  1. Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely look into doing this.
  2. Right, and that's what it used to do too, just with less navigation!
  3. OK so i figured it out. Forgive me for my bluntness, but WTF have you done to the GUI! Added clicks and reduced functionality. So it tuns out, when you select an artist, you've not actually selected the "artist" (contextually, you've not actually chosen the artist, but instead, chosen to see the albums within the artist's folder). Here's the key - and how un-intuitive the new GUI actually is... You have to then press the "all artist songs" button to "contextually select" the artist. THEN when you press shuffle, it does what it should have done on the previous page. The only
  4. Go to artists -> pick an artist -> click shuffle. It chooses an album in the list at random (or in sequence?), and shuffles that instead of the whole artist. go to artists -> click shuffle (no selection) It chooses an artist at random (or in sequence?), and shuffles all tracks of that artist. I've not bothered testing anything else, because as it stands, i can no longer listen to my music the way i am used to listening to my music. NOTE: I've read that holding the shuffle button is what your supposed to do, but what this does is popup the message "shuffle songs and
  5. This does sound (pun?) like reasonable behaviour, especially concerning the updating songs that are referenced in playlists, and I can appricate that there is no way of knowing why a file isn’t present, and how best to deal with it However I have to agree with MRink; if there is a problem, don’t just silently deal with it, let the user know, and potentially stop it... ...One suggestion I can think of is to replace the normal scanning operation that detects these files with a "soft" scan. If nothing is wrong (all files are present and accounted for), normal functionality proceeds.
  6. Poweramp Version: 2.0.10-build-588-play (Full Version) Sony Xperia Z3 Android version: Upgrading to Android 6.0.1 (dont know exact previous version) All my music is located on an SC card Upon using Poweramp for the first time after the Android update (a day or so later maybe) I discovered that: My scan or "watch" directories had been reset My playlists now show "0 songs" (and are 0 bytes in size). I foun this topic and while not all the variables are the same, it leads me to believe a similar thing has happened to me, as the playlist itself would be on internal
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