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  1. Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely look into doing this.
  2. Right, and that's what it used to do too, just with less navigation!
  3. OK so i figured it out. Forgive me for my bluntness, but WTF have you done to the GUI! Added clicks and reduced functionality. So it tuns out, when you select an artist, you've not actually selected the "artist" (contextually, you've not actually chosen the artist, but instead, chosen to see the albums within the artist's folder). Here's the key - and how un-intuitive the new GUI actually is... You have to then press the "all artist songs" button to "contextually select" the artist. THEN when you press shuffle, it does what it should have done on the previous page. The only difference i can see from these two views (the initial "artist" view and the "all artist songs" view) is the actual visual display of the list of albums (grid vs list). I don't know why these buttons need to do different things if literally nothing else changes, just the grid vs list!!! I would expect this kind of change behaviour with free apps, certainly not payed ones.
  4. Go to artists -> pick an artist -> click shuffle. It chooses an album in the list at random (or in sequence?), and shuffles that instead of the whole artist. go to artists -> click shuffle (no selection) It chooses an artist at random (or in sequence?), and shuffles all tracks of that artist. I've not bothered testing anything else, because as it stands, i can no longer listen to my music the way i am used to listening to my music. NOTE: I've read that holding the shuffle button is what your supposed to do, but what this does is popup the message "shuffle songs and categories" and just picks the next album to shuffle (or next artist, depending where you click shuffle)! The previous versions functionality would shuffle anything your contextually looking at (playlist, album, artist etc) - that was good, bring it back please! Also, while i'm in furious rant mode - just bring back the "shuffle" in the context menu, e.g. press and hold a playlist - [NO MORE SHUFFLE BUTTON !!!]. Also, while i'm at it, Its a payed app, so it would be really awesome if you would let us keep older versions (un supported versions) without forcing updates - that way i would't have a problem would I!!!!!!!
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