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  1. @w3wilkes @maxmp It is not completely true, to sense the differences in sound quality from 16/44 to 24/96, in my opinion it takes a good quality sound system calibrated well but also quality files, according to some recent tests, where a laboratory study reported that hearing high resolution music where there are no cuts in frequency and resampling as it happens for 44khz, the music was more realistic when listening, and according to the data found, those who listened to hi res music had a greater activation of some areas of the brain, this is due in addition to the higher quality of the audio, but also because our brain also perceives the frequency bands that we do not hear with greater involvement (this is reported in the video that I will post to you, where it talks about both the laboratory study and tests done by him where even he can see sine waves, sent from the PC to the radio cassette channel with signals above 20khz, commenting: "imagine then what po it would appear on the hi res devices if the signal already appears on the poor tape), the boy also points out that our devices have some components that can record or reproduce typical hires waves, so all this is not a rip-off of money, but the rip-off is in a low sampling that ruins the quality. (the video is in Italian, or you will be helped by an Italian friend for the translation, or in the video below illustrates the damage of the resampling with images, also for the truth what was said in the video I summarized it myself, therefore, no problem. (pictures after 8.10min))
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