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  1. Hello @maxmp, here's my info: 1. OnePlus One (A0001/bacon) 2. 6.0.1 (NoSpamDan CandySix) http://forum.xda-developers.com/oneplus-one/orig-development/rom-candysix-bacon-t3301580 3. Snapdragon 24-bit PCM So actually, this is my ROM (lol) and a user asked about Poweramp support. What am I missing here? I do have audio.offload.pcm.24bit.enable=true in the system.prop, maybe it's the audio policy? https://github.com/CandyDevices/device_oneplus_bacon/blob/c6/system.prop https://github.com/CandyDevices/device_oneplus_bacon/blob/c6/audio/audio_policy.conf
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