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  1. Meizu m2 mini flyme os 4.5.4i WM8281 & MediaTek MT6735 http://www.electronicsweekly.com/uncategorised/mediatek-adds-hi-fi-smartphones-wolfson-2014-04/ If you modify audio_policy.conf, in Poweramp it becomes available hi-res output, build, 702. Build 703 for this device Hi-RES output for Meizu does not work. As you can see from the screenshots hi-res output works? Usually, when you turn HI-RES output with a frequency of more than 48000, the sound in the headphones can not hear, until a couple of times to switch several types of audio outputs, (opensl es then audiotrask then hi-res) then choose 96,000 and even 192,000 and the sound is heard) MTK supports HI-RES output? MOD_audio_policy.conf build.prop ORIGINAL_audio_policy.conf
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