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  1. i have 795 and can not find any setting for it, if there is any audio file in the folder, the folder image is just ignored and is shown music album art instead
  2. hey people, one more question for you, is there any option in the latest version to force app to show folder.jpg images in folders? its showing only when there is either only folders or the folder is empty, if the folder contains audio file it shows its album art as folder image, thanks
  3. hey people, since i updated my Poweramp to latest beta version, i cant find setting for folder hierarchy list view, was such important feature really removed from new version? thanks
  4. well, i was here like half a year ago, nothing changed, i remember that this was supposed to be released at april last year, all i can is laught at this point, its been years and not even proper alpha was released
  5. hm.. he could at least send some info about progress, not necessarly exact date release, thank you for fast answer
  6. hello andre, any news about new theme update? thanks
  7. Shame, at least he could send us some pics to see how it will look like, hope we will see this month, thanks again
  8. Is there any info about new theme progress? Thanks in advance
  9. well, this one was probably my mistake, i have rooted phone and i flashed some stuff that made it looks like it support hi res output, but then i went to stock again and this option dissapeared, im not sure if that flashed mod was working anyway and i guess for my m4a format music it wouldnt make any difference anyway, sorry and thank you for answer
  10. well, my Huawei P8 seems to support Hi-Res Output, v703 (Lenovo Hi-Fi variant), i just have one quetion, i can definetely hear difference but for me it seems like it just makes music louder (m4a/aac music) , i really dont have any pro equipment for listening, so is it part of hifi music? thanks
  11. well, my Huawei P8 seems to support Hi-Res Output, (Lenovo Hi-Fi variant), i just have one quetion, i can definetely hear difference but for me its seems like it just makes the music louder, i really dont have any pro equipment for listening, so is it part of hifi music? thanks
  12. I managed to get it work, i went to settings > folders and library > ignore short tracks > and select dont ignore- include all, now all files are in the list, dunno why
  13. actually i just converted FLAC files to AAC as i read its best lossy audio format, i dont know much about this yet, and by list i mean when i browse trough folders in Poweramp
  14. im sorry for my english, ill try to explain better. When i copied new music with AAC format (never had it before) and im looking for it in Poweramp, its not in the list, but when i press refresh to search new music, it will find it and show it in the list but only for a second but it imediately dissapear from the list again, like it was filtered by something but why when player can play this files without problem... hope you understand now
  15. folder with AAC files is in my default music folder with another mp3 music, when i press prefresh for scan for new music folder show for a second but imedieately dissapear, it looks like it can recognize it but filter it in a second, Screenshot is taken when i open file manually with es file explorer, that way it works fine
  16. Hello, i wanted to try some ACC music but unfortunately the folder with this type of files doesn show in the list, but when i try open the very file via file manager, poweramps can play it without problem, what can i do? thanks
  17. DEVICE: Huawei P8 (GRA-09) FIRMWARE: Android 6.0 (B321 version) EMUI 4 CPU: Kirin 930 AUDIO PROCESSOR: HiSilicon Hi6402 sending audio_policy.conf file if it may help http://www.whathifi.com/huawei/p8/review In verdict is that it supports hi-res audio Also there is info that it supports " that chip supports playing back 24bit HiRes audio data via 3,5" jack output" http://www.head-fi.org/t/782371/huawei-p8-review-by-mark2410 Will it support it? Thanks audio_policy.conf
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