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  1. I say sorry, but I want to tell, that I've changed my primary Music Player to Neutron Music Player. I've waiting for months, but I think its enough. I won't forget Poweramp, I look to this forum weekly, but at the moment, I really think, Neutron is much much better. Pascal
  2. Hello Poweramp Team!! I'm so lucky,and happy about the Poweramp V3! I wonder,that no update came for month's. I hope that you will bring some innovation's in the beta and in the final release. Please,please,don't stop the development of this great Music Player! (P.S. Bluedio products are the best friends of Poweramp!! I use the Victory,the sound quality is really high!!) You're the sensei of music,Max MP;) Greetings from Germany!
  3. DLNA Support for ChromeCast,please☺️
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