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  1. Hi @andrewilley I think I shared a similar scenario. Thing is even with the battery settings white listing Poweramp, it still stops. Mine happens after about 5 seconds. It pauses then when I hit the play button again, it plays the track again from the start but this time it doesn't stop (play button on bluetooth receiver and in-line mic for wired setup). It doesn't stop until I unlock the phone again/open the screen. Then the process repeats when I lock the phone/the screen locks after the timeout +5 seconds. Same thoughts with the other posts, I did not experience this on this same devic
  2. Device details: Huawei Mate 20 Pro Android 9 / EMUI 9 Poweramp v3 - 823.play The music stops a few seconds after screen lock.. Already manually set power details to manual and run in the background, set wakelock and keep service on but still the same. But after screen lock, if I use the earphones' mic/remote or the bluetooth play button, it no longer stops but the song starts all over again.
  3. Thanks a lot Max!!!! For everyone, how do you assign an EQ preset like how it was on 709? Was able to assign per album, song, artist... Thanks guys!!
  4. ***UPDATED*** model: Huawei P9 Plus (VIE-L29) android MM 6.0 with EMUI (Emotion UI) 4.1 skin/ROM (not quite sure here) Hisilicon Kirin 955 SOC HiSilicon Hi6402 audio IC (looks like it uses the same audio chip as the P8) ** got the audio chip Hi Max, Just got the Huawei P9 Plus, released just about the first week of June and I was hoping you could check if you can get Poweramp v3 compatible with it also. I have it running smoothly (in my experience) on my LG v10. When I installed it on the P9 plus, it only had the USB DAC option in the HI RES support p
  5. @phobos24 hey phobos sir, still got your v10? the new update appears to have fixed the earlier concern we had.. I'm now using the experimental hi-def output with no issues (so far)....
  6. @phobos24 got it... i think the DAC works fine.. only by LG's software - hardware algorithm..
  7. @phobos24 if i try adjusting the hifi knobs on the hifi panel (balance left and right), it works. Meaning adjust left channel or right channel. I'll try reinstalling the app. So by default you are able to get it to work? I'm also using the DAC fix app which enables the DAC to work on other apps.
  8. this is from my v10... if I enable hi-res, sound becomes muffled and garbled (like a shredded speaker) but with Open SL output, it's great.. and with better sound balance than build 700 (my saved EQs had to adjusted to much lower settings)...
  9. what settings did you use for the high res output?for some reason it's all garbled or 'too much power' i suppose?
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