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  1. I already posted here that I have Poweramp Equalizer (Pro) and it doesn't work properly with YouTube Vanced. It rarely works. I found a solution that solved my problem. If the Poweramp equalizer doesn't work, I forcefully stop this app and it restarts. There, the Poweramp equalizer works again with YouTube Vanced. Tested on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Android 10 One UI 2.1 I'm sorry I don't speak English. Hugs
  2. I'm that same version of YouTube Vanced (no root). I do not know how to solve
  3. I'm using the pro version and i've enabled ADB Unfortunately The app doesn't work properly with YouTube Vanced as it only works sometimes. I close YouTube Vanced, then the open Poweramp equalizer app, I go back to YouTube Vanced, but it doesn't work. It is shown that YouTube Vanced is enabled but not Poweramp equalizer does not work. How to solve this problem? Please... Tested on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Android 10 One UI 2.1.
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