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  1. Fabricio

    Poweramp Build 816

    Very good idea
  2. Fabricio

    Poweramp Build 814

    It has no strange characters. The songs are mp3.. I think there is no recovery. I'm going to create new playlists. I hope you do not have any more problems. Thank you very much for your attention.
  3. Fabricio

    Poweramp Build 814

    I made the playlist on Poweramp. I have not used another program. Poweramp saved the playlist. Now Poweramp shows only the playlist name (but it is empty). Do you understand what I say? excuse me
  4. Fabricio

    Poweramp Build 814

    I made the playlist. After this app update, the playlist is empty. You understand? I'm using google translator. Excuse me.
  5. Fabricio

    Poweramp Build 814

    I've lost the playlists. Sorry I dont speak english...
  6. Excuse me, can anyone help me to enable viper4android with this version of Poweramp? Sorry, I do not speak English. Thanks...