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  1. Same issues Since first v3 update And it's damn annoying
  2. Issues when switching songs with guestures, doesn't update metainfo "even albumart".
  3. ? it's been forever since last update! It's stable for me though 704. But still I want something new to look at ? And please increase media upload size , had to compress ss by sharing it through WhatsApp ?
  4. Yeah I had this problem to after assigning a particular preset Just force stop Poweramp after unassigning And it works normally again.
  5. I guess it does inadvertently.... Long back on ICS I disabled audio focus ...while playing song...just activated device's mic ...while listening songs over no inline remote/ mic headset ...and ...there was a sudden boost in audio playback.... And it happens Everytime I think Andriod does that Not sure but while using Poweramp... it happens nevertheless of what kind of headphones I'm using
  6. Something like sony clear audio+ Or impulse response sampler supports Or digital noise cancelling? pan and width settings Or virtual surround sound.
  7. While editing tags I clicked on genre " I used to type it bymelf mostly " but today I noticed ...that It's blank... Andriod version 6.0.1 V7a 32bit version
  8. Disable andriod OK Google assistant And in headphones setting's there is an option to disable default long press
  9. I'm playing 32bit /2285kbps tracks .... Even tho my phone doesn't have high res DAC Poweramp?
  10. Poweramp supports active noise cancellation? Because I've noticed many times that I kinda cannot her ambient sound when using poweramp It's stronger than native Android effects
  11. Can you add tube sound simulation... Like it's in v4a ? I know it'sfor rooted phones But would be great on Poweramp
  12. Currently using it on Moto G TurboEdition ROM moto stock 6.0.1
  13. Great thanks for the insight over that. I'll aask them to ..I hope they'll add it Poweramp is the best player ever. ??
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