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  1. I managed to install Poweramp v3 on mu Asus ZenFone 2 (yaaaaay!) and the app works pretty fine now, though it kept crashing when I first opened it. It stopped crashing and started working as it should only when I changed the list of folders to be scanned. Polish translation is pretty bad in some places, by the way. I mean, messages like "tu nie ma nic dla mnie" (shown when there's no music files in a folder) look like very un-professional translations. Is it possible to correct them? Maybe you could send Polish translation to someone (maybe to me) to correct them?
  2. Has anyone tried to update from v2 to v3 on Asus ZenFone 2? It's an Intel-based device, I can't update Poweramp to v3. Do I have to completely uninstall v2 first and then install v3? Or v3 won't work on my smartphone at all?
  3. Cannot update v2 to v3 on Asus ZenFone 2 (Intel-powered smartphone). Since I already have AIMP installed as well, I'm seriously thinking about removing Poweramp completely.
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