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  1. "On the deck" means on the headunit, or headunit display. Why it's doing what it's doing is puzzling, I've tried various settings. I am hoping something can be done.
  2. Sorry, forgot the logs. ================== 19:14:40.021 HeadsetPlugReceiver headset event connection BT=true am mode=0 ================== 19:14:40.249 HeadsetPlugReceiver headset event connection BT=true am mode=0 ================== 19:14:42.134 PSMediaButtonReceiver android.intent.action.MEDIA_BUTTON KEYCODE_MEDIA_PLAY ACTION_DOWN name=Virtual source=0x0 sources=0x301 virt=true repeat=0 actionTime=152211 A2dpOn isAvrcp playerState=0 ================== 19:14:42.449 PlayerService RESUME from PSMediaButtonReceiver resumePlaying ================== 19:14:42
  3. Hi Andrew. I tried that, rebooted the phone and now in either AudioTrack or Open CL, I can't get past the music player program selection on the deck. It's really wired.
  4. Okay, so I hope in my last post, I made it clear how things are supposed to work. I've discovered, while playing with things on my own, that the first time you select another track, it unloads Poweramp on the deck, and reverts to Google Play Music. Any way to stop it from doing that, and remaining in Poweramp? Here are the Bluetooth logs, I hope they help. ================== 10:39:55.752 HeadsetPlugReceiver headset event connection BT=true am mode=0 ================== 10:39:55.755 HeadsetPlugReceiver headset event connection BT=true am mode=0 ================== 10:
  5. Sorry for the long wait, joys of life got in the way. Anyways, the "Volume" button on the deck stated in the first post works like a multifunction, selector button as well. So, when I open the "Bluetooth" app on the deck, I can select Poweramp by pushing the Volume button. Pushing it again, I get the menu of "Albums, Artists, Playlists, Genres". I press the Volume button again, I get to see the albums on my phone. I turn the volume button to select an album, and finding one, I press it, to select that album. The deck then shows me the first 3 songs in that album. I highlight
  6. Here's a list of the last commands. Can someone please help? Thanks. ================== 08:19:07.075 HeadsetPlugReceiver headset event connection BT=true am mode=0 ================== 08:19:08.407 PlayerService RESUME from HeadsetPlugReceiver resumePlaying ================== 08:19:38.120 HeadsetPlugReceiver headset event connection BT=true am mode=0 ================== 08:19:38.661 PlayerService RESUME from HeadsetPlugReceiver resumePlaying ================== 08:20:57.717 HeadsetPlugReceiver headset event disconnection BT=false am mode=0 ============
  7. I don't have it. I'm on 820, left settings stock and it worked for 3 trips. Then nothing. I can get Google Play Music to work flawlessly, so what am I missing?
  8. I think I have it. I was on build 823, and just as a shot, I tried 820. BOOM it works! Don't know what it was, but it's over now. Blaubar, thanks for looking at something I had no idea what it meant. But it's WORKING!!!!!
  9. Thanks for jumping in here. Here's what it says, ================== 14:24:07.653 HeadsetPlugReceiver headset event disconnection BT=false am mode=0 no_keep_notif_on_dscn=false ================== 14:26:33.381 HeadsetPlugReceiver headset event connection BT=true am mode=0 ================== 14:26:33.395 HeadsetPlugReceiver headset event connection BT=true am mode=0 ================== 14:27:09.536 HeadsetPlugReceiver headset event disconnection BT=true am mode=0 no_keep_notif_on_dscn=false ================== 14:27:09.540 HeadsetPlugReceiver headset ev
  10. As it says, I'm not sure what settings should be, or shouldn't be changed, to get this to work. Through pure luck, I discovered that Google Play Music works with my car stereo, an Alpine CDE-HD149BT flawlessly. But I would like Poweramp to be my bluetooth method of choice, so I can go from singing in the car to bumpin' on my wired headset, without missing a beat. Now, I can get everything to work on Poweramp and my car stereo, except, when you push the volume button, which acts like the select button, nothing happens. It doesn't play the song, it just sits there. If Google can figure it o
  11. Hello all. Hoping I can get some help, I'm so close, but I don't know what to do next. Here's the scenario, an LG G7 on Oreo and an Alpine CDE-HD149BT car stereo. I can select Bluetooth streaming on the stereo, and it streams a selection of songs that I have never put together in any way, I've never made a playlist. Anyways, what my problem is is this. When you press the volume knob on the stereo, you select Poweramp as the player. Pressing the volume knob again, you get a selection of "Albums, Artists, Folders, Playlists". I select Albums, and it takes me to a list of albums
  12. Well, I appreciate the help guys. When it's warmer than -20*C in the truck, I'll give it a try, thanks.
  13. Okay, I'll see if I can be as explicit as possible. I do appreciate the guidance, btw. Turning on the headunit, you press the "source" button to find the phone, an LG G7. On the headunit, you press the volume button once, this brings up the title "Poweramp". Pressing again gives you a menu of "album, artist, playlist...etc". Pressing the volume button on the headunit brings up the "NO DATA" message. It may very well be that this phone doesn't work over Bluetooth like I would like it to, as I tried the stock player with the same results.
  14. You press the volume button in, after selecting the Bluetooth input, and it opens, "Album, Artist...etc". You then press the volume button again, to select album, and "NO DATA" appears. It is a different phone, but the last one didn't even get this far, so I'm wondering if there's some setting or switch I would have to change, that's all.
  15. Close Andre. I start the car, select Bluetooth, select "Album", then "NO DATA" is displayed, and I get no sound.
  16. Oh, sorry. Yeah, I'm trying to use it as a BT device. I can make and take phonecalls and send texts, so I know BT is working. I've tried AVRCP 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6, no difference. So, I'm sure it's a setting in PA that I'm missing, or can't find. I hope that helps.
  17. Having an issue with my car stereo and Poweramp. I've tried changing a few settings, but that's gotten me nowhere. Anyways, phone is an LG G7 Think and car stereo is an Alpine CDE-HD149BT. What happens when I want to stream music is, I select Poweramp as the source. Next, choose album or whichever of the file structure. Then the stereo says "NO DATA". Worked before, and I'm baffled. Hopefully someone might have an "Ah-ha" moment. Thanks for the help.
  18. I have an S9 Qualcomm edition. If I turn ON no DVC in hi res, everything is played back at 24/192. If I turn it on, 16/48. There is no middle ground.
  19. My Samsung S9 Android Pie just installed, won't play anything but 16/48, doesnt matter the file quality. Tested on various hi res tracks. *EDIT* Found that if I turn DVC off in the Hi-res section, I get 24/192. Not ideal, but getting there.
  20. Okay, thanks Andre and blaubar. Looks like I'll do some more research into the S9 or other devices. Much appreciated. I don't post much, but have been a PA user since 2012.
  21. It's probably a stupid question that gets asked all the time, but I'm dying to know. I have a Qualcomm Samsung S9, does PA play bit-perfect on playback, or does it up sample?
  22. Rating fixed. Looks just like I want it now. Thanks.
  23. Perhaps I'm not explaining myself clearly. When you are in your music library page, you see the album art for all your music. Along the right side is a "quick scroll" alphabet selector. When you press on it, you can quickly move from A to Z and back. When you press on it, usually the letter your at in the list shows up in a 2cm^2 box. Right now, the box shows up, but it is empty. Can this be resolved, yes or no?
  24. Hi, when scrolling through my album library, the box comes up to show the beginning letter of the album I'm at, but it's blank in the box.
  25. I know this is a long shot, but I'm going to ask. Does anyone here use build 709 and own an Alpine CDE-HD149BT car stereo? Because I'd like to know if you get the folder navigation menu pushing in the volume knob? Thanks.
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