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  1. Easiest way to find out what's delivering the ads- When an ad pops up go straight to the play store/hamburger/ my apps and games/installed/sort by last used. The app delivering the ads should be top of the list.
  2. I believe the issue is that most of these adaptors/type C headphones are built with "features" making the useless on other phones. The HTC adaptor is recognised as a DAC on my U11. I looked at replacing it as the first one stopped being recognised, I was going to get the Razor phone adaptor until I contacted HTC. They stated a software update was required for it to be recognised as as DAC.
  3. Possible long press option on the album art brings up album info? The current rectangles look out of place with all the other rounded corners.
  4. If you adjust the sample rate it dramatically increases the volume, lower it down before you adjust it!
  5. Got to get the basics right first, library, then High Res ( the audio still sounds like nothing else but it's definitely lower). HTC U11 Just remember the last vote folks, functions are what make an app.
  6. A new threshold were seeing here, the fluidity of the animations, no stutter, no lag. Excellent work Max, a new standard for Android UI.
  7. Thanks for the status update Max and those animations are incredible, thanks for your hard work, looking forward to trying it out. A big thanks also to André for his patience in dealing with the negativity of the forum.
  8. The average user isn't going to look on 4pda for an update on progress, screen shots or ETA, they would come directly to the apps website. A small update from Max or one of the people he had testing for him every couple of months would have alleviated alot of the negativity. That said, I'll happily wait for it to be right before release.
  9. It's hard to judge from one screen shot, you need to see more, how the animations work. Again waiting patiently. It maybe helpful if the screen shots were posted directly here rather than 4pda.
  10. That would make an interesting read or podcast to listen to, Action Launcher Dev Chris Lacy completed a similar project by completely rebuilding his app. Loads of outrage as he launched the app as a separate version requiring another payment, when you listen to him detail the work he put in, and the personal issues he went through, completely understandable. This may be Max's first really attempt at UI in years, of I'm a subscriber paying a monthly fee, I'm complaining, I paid once, I'll show some patience, "And the public gets what the public wants, but I want nothing this society's
  11. Thanks for taking the time to reply, would it be possible to share some previews, at least users would have an insight into what's coming, it may generate a more positive discussion rather than the current vacuum
  12. If True, Maybe Max has a very limited group of friends testing on different devices and one has leaked it. If your Max reading through this forum, would you release a beta with limited availability? Most of the comments are sadly quite negative, it would only spawn more negativity. If this is true we must be getting close to a beta release.
  13. There's a podcast called the Blerg, it's by Action Launcher developer Chris Lacy. In one episode he details how he completely redesigned Action Launcher, it took him over a year. Loads of complaints from users, "he's abandoned us!" Some of it was quite vicious personal insults. He details how once he for started he kept uncovering more and more that he should rework or update. Sometimes working till the early hours, juggling a family, life and some really personal tragedy's. He ends with saying he could of just pushed monthly updates with "bug fixes" with little done and nobo
  14. Any chance of a small preview? Some screen shots or animation Gifs. Most people on the forum are positive and have waited patiently for the next release.
  15. Long time user but new around here, some thoughts. I'd happily agree with long standing issues and features being fixed/added. The real question as a user is what do you want prioritised, design which takes a lot of time and adds no functionality (and little payback) or fixes and improvements. We all want individual things, I'd love GPM support but as Google doesn't officially allow this it often breaks when GPM updates. I'd love Chromecast support but these are massive tasks to undertake, I'm more than happy with the app as it is(its the best music player around), I'll take the tortoise over
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