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  1. To be clear, there are certain elements I prefer on the old skin vs the new, but on the whole, the new UI is a great improvement that I didn't know I wanted until it was here
  2. On OnePlus 3T, Android 8.0, May 1st Security patch level, I get no OpenSL ES HD option with the 70x builds whereas I can see and choose it on the 790 build.
  3. I have actually put some thought to it and here's my take. Ideally the Album Art shouldn't have an overlay with information that is already offered BY the album art. On the other hand, not all songs have an album art (and IIRC Poweramp still doesn't auto-search for missing album art). So my take is this: First of all, forget the boxes. If you HAVE to have text overlaid on top of an image, go subtitles style. That is, white text with a THIN black outline (could also be colored as per the background). That would be a lot less distracting than now. However ideally I would also prefer the option to completely HIDE overlays with information that the album art already offers. The proper way to do this programmatically would mean that Max should first have to check if there is indeed an album art and then decide whether to show the overlay, but a quick-and-dirty approach to this would be to simply change the ORDER that Max overlays the various objects. Specifically, if the album art is overlaid last and OVER the text overlays then the text is still there but invisible. In songs with no album art the text overlays are overlaid last and thus visible. EDIT: I forgot to clarify that the above are for the Playback screen, the grid view library list is jsut great the way it is! Lastly, the Song title (which obviously isn't mentioned in the album art) could appear bellow it or where the metadata currently are.
  4. ^ That. Unless you have the exact same output equipment as said engineers AND the exact same hearing as them, you NEED an EQ in order to offset said differences. The reason I am loathe to just wipe my previous Poweramp settings and start over is that I keep multiple EQs in it, each for the different type of outputs (earphones, headphones, bluetooth device etc) I use with it, and none of them looks like any other.
  5. I already mentioned that but I guess my post got lost in the crowd. If we try to keep our old settings, be it by updating on top of the currently installed version or by restoring our previously exported settings, the 790 build will have an issue accessing the phone's folder list. Directly accessing files (i.e. our music) still works. Wiping the settings solves the issue, unfortunately it also wipes the custom EQ presets we spent all that time and effort creating... I REALLY hope Max would offer us a way to only keep our EQ presets and restore the rest of the settings to their defaults...
  6. Then you're luckier than me. It would be great if the final app had a settings sanitizer, just to make sure the upgraded app will work just as well (and as reliably) as if it was installed from scratch... EDIT: After some further testing, it appears that when I import the settings from the previous version, the app will crash whenever it tries to access the phone files & folder list. The app will keep working fine if I try to navigate my music library by artist/song/whatever but as soon as I try to access the folders it will crash. Selecting the "autodetect my music folders" option in settings will also result in a crash, hence why I believe that my old settings (which originally came from the v2 builds of the app) must somehow be incompatible with how the current version checks the phone's file system. Is it possible to only import the EQ presets and not the settings? Failing that, is it possible to ONLY reset all settings to the defaults? I did search but couldn't find one such option...
  7. @andrewilley It might be a good idea to edit the first post to include a mini FAQ with answers to common questions/troubles. It *might* help with some of the double/triple/quadruple posts asking the same thing(s). Things as wipe data for crashes, a mini how-to concerning navigation with the new UI... Just throwing it out there.
  8. Started my testing with a show-stopping bug. I really, REALLY do not want to re-create my EQ presets so I re-imported my saved 703/704 settings upon update. If I do, I cannot access the "folder" menu AT ALL. The app will either (and weirdly enough) say "This means nothing to me" or it will simply crash. Deleting my settings and staring fresh fixes it, but I lose all my EQ presets which for me is a no-go. Also, I cannot find a button or gesture to jump to the next folder/album/playlist. The swiping gestures only switch the song.
  9. I always keep them disabled for Poweramp. But if it were that it'd at least work when I had Poweramp on-screen. It simply won't respond to the Bluetooth's commands. BTW, I read a few posts here and appears I am not alone in this: Some of the above seem ok as long as Poweramp is in the foreground. Unfortunately, for me it doesn't work regardless...
  10. Has anyone found a fix/workaround for the Bluetooth controls not working in Oreo? It's sad how even the beyond-poor ES File Manager's audio player will respond to bluetooth play/pause and previous/next track commands yet Poweramp will do nothing...
  11. I have had occasional glitches every few months or so but, considering I've been using the alpha version(s) on a daily basis ever since the beginning I'd say that in its' current state this alpha IS daily driver material. Sure the High-Res function has been shot ever since Nougat came out but OpenSL still works well enough and the audio output is second to none so I feel like Max left it at a reasonably stable state while he went to work on actually finishing it. People often don't realize that in development, things break multiple times while adding or fixing sth else and require a lot of back and forth. A lot of the time it is better to just stay on an older version that has proven to work until the newer one has reached parity both stability and feature-wise. Additionally, there are a lot of things we don't know but that people naturally assume, like for instance that Max is (still) able to support himself solely with this one app that he's developed and sold about a million times (according to the Play Store) in a span of 5 or 6 years and that as such he actually IS able to do this 40-45 hours a week. I would be overjoyed to know that I will be able to download the newer beta in a month's time but it wouldn't be the end of the world if that didn't happen, I'd still be able to enjoy my music regardless using this version too!
  12. As a heads-up, OxygenOS OpenBeta 2 / stable 4.0.2 still have the same behavior. Reading some other comments here it appears to be a Nougat issue, rather than a specific ROM one. Strange thing is, on my OnePlus One I was running a custom 7.1.1 ROM (RR) and I *think* it was working, although it might have been the ROM implementing a workaround/hack that simply isn't present on official code.
  13. Confirmed, used to work fine with OxygenOS 3.5.4 (Marshmallow) but with 4.0 (Nougat 7.0) it won't even appear in the options with 703 while with 704 it will but will give a "failed to load, falling back to default output" message.
  14. OnePlus 3T Stock OxygenOS 3.5.4 (Root+XPosed), Marshmallow 6.0.1 Through earphones it works fine with Poweramp 703 at 192Khz
  15. Apologies if I wasn't clear, that is indeed how I found the missing tracks and that is also WHEN I found out their duration was erroneously read as 1 second. I am not really that bothered with the how or the when that happened, I simply wanted to know whether Poweramp could somehow be fortified against such errors and/or, on some advice on a tool that could potentially re-write all the MP3's tags in bulk and correct them. Thanks!
  16. OK, here's a new one I hadn't come across before. I got a new phone (OP3) and instead of carrying over my MP3s from my old phone I copied them directly from my PC (in the meantime various programs had added/edited the ID3 of those same files). After that I found specific tracks missing in the file list because Poweramp had detected the duration as 0:01 and filtered them out as per the 6 sec rule. Opening them once repaired the discrepancy (I guess it corrected its' own database) but a Full Rescan would return them to the previous value. The weird thing is that it happened seemingly at random, certain tracks from a certain album, all ripped at once would exhibit that behaviour while others from the same album/rip would have their real duration. If that isn't considered a flaw of the player, is there a method/program that can batch "touch" the MP3s' ID3 metadata and correct them all?
  17. Here's a couple of issues I discovered while using High-Res Output that AFAIK don't happen when using Open EL. The first is that I cannot change the volume from the device's volume buttons while the screen is off. While the screen is on (even if the device is locked) the volume buttons work just fine. I have enabled a different number of volume steps for media in my phone's ROM (OnePlus One, Resurrection Remix 5.7.4) and it appears that when I switch playback from my Bluetooth (that uses Open EL and the ROM's media volume stepping) to my wired earphones using High-Res Output and the DVC option, the volume gets exceedingly low. Either disabling the DVC option (and thus returning to the ROM's own media volume stepping) OR rebooting the phone solves the above issue.
  18. Have actually had this issue since the first Alpha but didn't really bother anyone with it since theming was disabled and the GUI is being reworked anyway.
  19. While I wouldn't say no issue whatsoever (I listen to music through my bluetooth) I do agree that it has been rock solid for an Alpha release. Comes to show that proper prioritizing took place when making this build. Only reason I even remembered it was Alpha was after I started wondering whether it'd work with the newly released Nougat.
  20. The album art problem is a known alpha issue, read the entire following thread to know what's working, what's not and what needs a workaround. forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/8810-Poweramp-alpha-build-703/ Concerning high power consumption, I've never had that problem but I read others that said that settings in audio, specifically the resampler and output but potentially all the settings can have a profound effect on CPU cycles and thus, battery consumption. The defaults are selected as being the least power-hungry so it is advised to revert to them if you are having issues.
  21. For me the "Length" field started appearing when I added the -p parameter which ironically has nothing to do with length according to the LAME 3.99.5 man: However I find it best not to confuse matters for users not interested in the specifics...
  22. Concerning the inaccurate time calculation, I've encountered this problem since V2 and have actually found two solutions: If you're the one doing the MP3 encoding (I am old-school and buy all my music in CDs and then rip them myself using EAC), the LAME encoder has the ability to calculate the duration in milliseconds and store it in the MP3 tag, which Poweramp reads. Just add the following to the encoder's settings: -p --add-id3v2 --pad-id3v2 --ignore-tag-errors For already-made MP3s the best method I've found is to edit the ID3v2 tag using Mp3tag, its' author has put considerable effort over the years to store ID3v2 tags in the most compatible method there is for every quirk popular media players might have (like iTunes vs Windows Media Player) and I have verified that after editing MP3 tags with the program that various issues I might have had usually disappear, including missing album art and, wrong duration.
  23. Oh my, added DVC for Hi-Res SD 24bit playback, I tried it using the same earphones I have connected to my bluetooth device I use to listen to music usually and... it was GREAT. There was this added depth of clarity vs the bluetooth, I was half-bummed to hear the difference because I cannot make use of it with the bluetooth that I use and I've been spoiled with the lack of wires running around me (I nowadays put the phone in my back-pocket, no wire would be long enough to comfortably reach there and would need to run halfway round my torso)...
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