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  1. Hallo.. Other problem Since I installed nougat... I can't plus edit the ID3 tags of my mp3 on micro sd.. it always comes out this screen : "grant access. No write access to the file. To enable access, please select parent storage (e.g. Internal SD card /USB storage) in the grant access dialog,then try again." I try to select sd but It is not just view. When I had marshmallows, I didn't have this problem.
  2. But, is there a hope that a new update comes out to resolve this problem?
  3. Hallo.. I have Samsung s7 edge with Poweramp alpha build 4.. Since to lollipop, it's all ok and wonderful.. But, from when I installed nougat, no longer works the DVC (direct volume control). When I plug headphones with active dvc, the music is heard only from the speaker external. If off the DVC, the music is heard regularly from headphones but with an evident loss of audio quality. Please help me!
  4. hallo i have a samsung galaxy s7 Android Marshmallow I dont see any Hi-res output. I see only output plugin, then "Poweramp AudioTrack Output" or Poweramp OpenSL ES Output"
  5. Guys, if you have the root, simply install Next App SDFix...solve ... like magic! .... Without any secondary solution!
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