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  1. Thanks for the reply. It sounds like you are talking about "embedding" the JPEG into the mp3? That sounds like a good idea. However, I don't have artwork for all my music and when I tried to label the "album" tag with "Tom's Music Mix", that's when the tracks started to show incorrect artwork, even though they had been tagged with track name and artist names. The single act of changing album name caused this. And to be clear, this is a folder with assorted tracks culled from different sources/artists/albums. BTW, I've been using Audio Shell for tagging. It's very easy and works off of the right click mouse menu. The album is now named as I wanted it, but the artwork is all messed up. Just before I wrote this, I moved the album tags from album to album artist, leaving album blank. The result was Poweramp downloaded excellent artwork, but the album (in album mode) was called unknown album again. I prefer this to having missing or erroneous artwork. Interestingly, in folder mode, the folder is correctly identified as "Tom's Music Mix" not Unknown folder as in album mode. Is there a way to have it all and be able to keep the correct downloaded artwork and have the album named as I wish?
  2. I'm trying to get a handle on file/folder organization as it pertains to proper tag info. I have a folder with assorted random songs in it which Poweramp showed as unknown album. I wanted to have the album named, so I batch edited the albums tags to read something like "Tom's Music Mix" and I got what I wanted. However, as a negative side effect, the cover art is not downloading correctly as before. How can I have Poweramp label a "mixed" album as I wish and still have cover art download which is accurate? If not possible, I'm open to suggestions. This is my first Android smartphone (coming from Palm Treo 650) and first foray into music tag editing. Next up at some point, I will probably look into making a playlist. Thanks, Tom
  3. I'm running kitkat 4.4.2. I tried deleting a file in Poweamp and to my surpise, the file was actually deleted. However, edit tags does not work. Does labeling a SD card have any effect in 4.4.2?
  4. Can support be added for DFF files, which are used for SACD? I did a quick search of the Google Play store and only 2 players came up that support DFF. I would prefer to stick with Poweamp only, to keep it simple being one reason. Another reason... it's a great player.
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