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  1. This is the metadata that you guys asked for. I now enable the DTS:X 3D Surround option which comes stock with LG G7.
  2. I've tried both DVC on and off as you assumed. Nothing much happens. It's frustrating because I know what I'm missing from before. Will there be any update for Android 10 users?
  3. There is an option for HiRes audio but nothing much happens when enabling it. It wasn't the case before. I used to get high Res audio when that option was enabled.
  4. Actually in the previous version of Android when the sound level was 12 it was too loud and clear. Definitely hi Res output. Now that level of precision is obtained only after 35 audio level. BTW the below is the log you've asked for. I donno what it means. I know it's annoying but you really have to help me. I just love your app. 🥺
  5. I think it's the android 10 update. There is a howling effect and voice dip at times when listening to music. I know some settings had gone rogue but just can't figure out which. I've already tried resetting and restoring to default. It's really hard use Poweramp without the Quad DAC. Looking forward to getting a fix. A.S.I
  6. @andrewilley I have tried resetting the app twice or so but it's in vein. After enjoying music in Quad DAC now it's pretty annoying to listen the normal way. Please help
  7. I've been a Poweramp user since 2 years or so. After the recent Android 10 update Poweramp doesn't support Quad DAC anymore. Whichever settings I tried doesn't seem to make any difference. As an audiophile I just want my hi fi audio back. Poweramp built : v3-build-884-arm64play [884004-9876041f] Phone : LG G7 Thinq Android version : Android 10 Stock UI Awaiting immediate response.
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