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  1. Thanks Andre, I saw the phone last night and everything seemed to be sorted. As if it took time for his account to be updated with Google. PA and the unlocker were on his home page and working.
  2. I purchased Poweramp for a friend's phone, a Samsung J7 running Android 7.1.1. It was a few years ago and I think I added my credit card to the Play store on his device as a payment method. I have since removed my credit card from his Play store account. The issue now at hand is, I tried to install Poweramp on his Android tablet (Nexus 7 2012 Android 5+) and I was not allowed to install the unlocker on his tablet. I thought the purchases were tied to the email address registered with the Google Play store. Now as I'm wring this, I just remembered I had to delete his play store and google services cache and data because his phone was fubar'd and would not download anything from the Play store. Perhaps this is the cause. Whatever the case, how can I get Poweramp onto his tablet?
  3. 1. The cable is new and it's long, so I wanted to make sure that the cable wasn't defective or had an excessive voltage drop due to it's length. 2. Certainly no astounding differences there. But depending on the type of material and the ear, there can be differences. However, it is of little significance when compared to the actual entertainment value of the music. IE., I'd rather see a great photograph shot with a 6 megapixel camera vs a crummy shot with a 50 megapixel camera, if that makes sense. Can't get hung up on the details too much. :) And I will add that this topic has apparently reached the level of religion and politics. 3. Yes, I see that is the case my mine. Also, no DVC over 192khz, so volume goes down on my phone when set over 192khz. For people with Super Audio CD material though, the higher rates can come in handy, especially with good headphones and the right source material. 4. Andre, after following your advice to do a reset, the playback issues (via cable) seem to be gone. Which is great, because now I have more options on how I can enjoy my new toy. However I will try to remember the log option if something else pops up. Thanks.
  4. My stock Galaxy S9 SM-960U recently received an update to Android 10. After reading this thread , I uninstalled Poweramp, and reinstalled, then reset audio output. I use Hi-Res output and noticed sample rates up to 192 khz have DVC ENABLED, over 192 khz DVC is DISABLED. Additionally, sample rates up to 96khz use 16 bit depth, 176khz and 192khz uses 24 bit depth, while 353khz and 384khz use 32 bit depth.
  5. BTW Andre, I have the latest Beta version of PA. I have been using Hi-Res Output. My new Galaxy S9 960U USA stock unrooted version supports up to 32-bit/384kHz audio. I had Bluetooth turned off. I noticed Bluetooth seems to limit playback to 16 bit 44 khz. I have some Hi-Res FLAC files (as high as 24 bit 192 khz) and I was able to detect a difference (through the speaker) with the highs sounding better and smoother on some tracks vs Bluetooth. I also pulled out an older 3 foot 3.5mm TRS cable just to make sure it wasn't the new cable or the cable length (at 15 feet). The 3 foot cable exhibited the same dropouts. However, after I reset the audio to default, it appears it's working better with far fewer dropouts. OpenSL might be more stable than Hi-Res but I need to do more testing. Regarding the defaults, I noticed default playback is OpenSL. But with OpenSL, playback of 24 bit 192 khz FLAC files seem to be limited to 16 bit 48 khz. So I like to use the Hi-Res playback mode, AKA Experimental. For some reason, when I drop the sample rate to 96 khz or lower, the bit depth drops from 24 to 16. I haven't touched the Java mode yet. Is there a FAQ page detailing the difference between the 3 playback modes you can point me towards?
  6. I recently purchased a JBL Charge 4 Bluetooth speaker. Using a Samsung Galaxy S9 (Android 10) with a shielded 15 foot 3.5mm TRS cable into the speaker, Youtube plays perfectly with no dropouts. However, using Poweramp 3 build 884, the audio usually starts to play and then stops after only a few seconds. If I unplug the cable and plug it back in, it will work again for a brief time. How can this be solved?
  7. I came here today to make a request for two features, and pitch control is one of them and I will explain why some may want or need this feature. There is a somewhat controversial theory about how and why the western world is using 440Hz tuning, also known as standard tuning and concert tuning. There is evidence to support that standard tuning used to be 432Hz (used by the likes of Mozart and Verdi) but was changed to 440 for not so honorable reasons, involving Nazis and perhaps others. There is some scientific evidence to support 432 is in harmony with nature and more beneficial to the listener. If you do your research, beware of the cynic's and shill sites out there. There are players like "432 player" that convert from 440 to 432 on the fly. There is also Foobar2000 which has a plugin called SoundTouch which can convert to whatever you like and offers tempo, pitch and rate adjustment. While conversion may not be as good as a recording made from instruments tuned to 432, it is the only option for much of the music out there. Many musicians are actually recording these days in tunings other than 440. Until there is a larger change in societies' consciousness, this feature will be used by the minority, but it's inclusion in Poweramp is one of real benefit. We don't want to get hung up on why 440 was chosen, no need to focus on the evil in the world. But a change needs to be made and the whole point of returning to a natural tuning is to benefit mankind.
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