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  1. Thanks Andre, I saw the phone last night and everything seemed to be sorted. As if it took time for his account to be updated with Google. PA and the unlocker were on his home page and working.
  2. I purchased Poweramp for a friend's phone, a Samsung J7 running Android 7.1.1. It was a few years ago and I think I added my credit card to the Play store on his device as a payment method. I have since removed my credit card from his Play store account. The issue now at hand is, I tried to install Poweramp on his Android tablet (Nexus 7 2012 Android 5+) and I was not allowed to install the unlocker on his tablet. I thought the purchases were tied to the email address registered with the Google Play store. Now as I'm wring this, I just remembered I had to delete his play store and google serv
  3. 1. The cable is new and it's long, so I wanted to make sure that the cable wasn't defective or had an excessive voltage drop due to it's length. 2. Certainly no astounding differences there. But depending on the type of material and the ear, there can be differences. However, it is of little significance when compared to the actual entertainment value of the music. IE., I'd rather see a great photograph shot with a 6 megapixel camera vs a crummy shot with a 50 megapixel camera, if that makes sense. Can't get hung up on the details too much. :) And I will add that this topic has apparently
  4. My stock Galaxy S9 SM-960U recently received an update to Android 10. After reading this thread , I uninstalled Poweramp, and reinstalled, then reset audio output. I use Hi-Res output and noticed sample rates up to 192 khz have DVC ENABLED, over 192 khz DVC is DISABLED. Additionally, sample rates up to 96khz use 16 bit depth, 176khz and 192khz uses 24 bit depth, while 353khz and 384khz use 32 bit depth.
  5. BTW Andre, I have the latest Beta version of PA. I have been using Hi-Res Output. My new Galaxy S9 960U USA stock unrooted version supports up to 32-bit/384kHz audio. I had Bluetooth turned off. I noticed Bluetooth seems to limit playback to 16 bit 44 khz. I have some Hi-Res FLAC files (as high as 24 bit 192 khz) and I was able to detect a difference (through the speaker) with the highs sounding better and smoother on some tracks vs Bluetooth. I also pulled out an older 3 foot 3.5mm TRS cable just to make sure it wasn't the new cable or the cable length (at 15 feet). The 3 foot cable exhibited
  6. I recently purchased a JBL Charge 4 Bluetooth speaker. Using a Samsung Galaxy S9 (Android 10) with a shielded 15 foot 3.5mm TRS cable into the speaker, Youtube plays perfectly with no dropouts. However, using Poweramp 3 build 884, the audio usually starts to play and then stops after only a few seconds. If I unplug the cable and plug it back in, it will work again for a brief time. How can this be solved?
  7. Try selecting "use wavelock" and "keep service" in the tweak section of the settings.
  8. I disabled Doze for this app and that seems to have fixed the problem. Another trick would be to keep the PA service always running. v3 seems to be working well, especially for an alpha build.
  9. I have a Samsung G900A with MM 6.0.1 and Poweramp v3 alpha. Recently I have been playing long relaxation music, some 2 hours long, some 8 hours. I notice PA stops playing randomly. I'm not sure if it's PA v3 or some power saving function. To be clear, I don't have any power saving features activated. Then there's Doze, a MM feature. Any input would be helpful. Edit: I'm suspecting Doze may be the problem. Sometimes I set the phone down and that's when it's been stopping. Might need help with Doze. Thanks.
  10. I came here today to make a request for two features, and pitch control is one of them and I will explain why some may want or need this feature. There is a somewhat controversial theory about how and why the western world is using 440Hz tuning, also known as standard tuning and concert tuning. There is evidence to support that standard tuning used to be 432Hz (used by the likes of Mozart and Verdi) but was changed to 440 for not so honorable reasons, involving Nazis and perhaps others. There is some scientific evidence to support 432 is in harmony with nature and more beneficial to the listen
  11. I recently upgraded to Poweramp(PA) v3 Alpha because v2 was not compatible with the new Marshmallow(MM) permission system. I needed to click on a music file and have MM open PA as the default player. PA v3 was the answer, except with Opus files. When I click on an Opus file MM gives me nothing but a SOL message. I choose Opus because I've heard it's one of the best, if not thee best lossy format out there. Can PA be programmed with further MM compatibility to resolve this? Thanks
  12. I'm a beta alpha tester for v3 now. Preliminary testing looks good for permissions in MM. I was able to set PA as default music player, something not possible with PA v2 and MM. Since development will probably take a long time, having access to skins in v3 would be great. I turned off visualizations.
  13. Since I got nowhere with my last post and have been given new information I've decided to start a fresh post/question. I cannot get Marshmallow's new permission system to play nice with Poweramp v2. I cannot make Poweramp my default app. Someone at the att forum told me Poweramp v2 has not been updated for MM to use the new persmission system. My question, is Poweramp v3 written for MM or Nougat or Lollipop? If it's coded for MM, I may go ahead and install the alpha v3.
  14. I just upgraded my Galaxy S5 (G900A) to Marshmallow 6.0.1., from Lollipop. The default app functionality from Lollipop seems to be broken in marshmallow. I've tried making Poweramp the default app in app manager and default apps without success. The default apps list does not have Poweramp listed. I disabled Google play music. There's also a "music" app which cannot be disabled. Nothing has worked. Is there a limitation or bug in Marshmallow? Your help is appreciated. Edit: I messed around with mx player permissions and I was able to choose it as default for my video player. So far no su
  15. On my Samsung, Google play music is used for this. How do you get Poweramp to come up with OK Google?
  16. As a follow up, I found out I had Foobar set to not show the stereo down mixes. I went back and extracted the stereo down mixes then converted to 24bit 192khz stereo FLAC and they seem to work fine. So the stereo vs 5.1 seems to be the issue. Interesting though that the other 2 players could handle it. As a side note, it seems either Foobar2000 is buggy or the DVD-Audio plug-in is, for which I needed to find work-around solutions.
  17. I ripped 28 tracks from my DVD-Audio disc with Foobar 2000. They are 5.1 surround 24 bit/96khz files. I used flac level 8 for compression and kept it at 24 bit. They work beautifully on my Windows PC. However, when I try to play the files in Poweramp, I get no sound. It looks like Poweramp is playing through the songs at high speed but no output. Now, the Samsung Galaxy stock player as well as the N7 player will play the files without problem. Frankly, I was surprised at this. Is this a down mixing issue or something else. If the other FREE players can do it, why not Poweramp? Some help please
  18. I know that with some phones like Samsung, this works if you long press the recent key.
  19. What's that you say? I don't play music loud typically. I don't know what caused two sets of earphones to fail and not jumping to any conclusions. I happened across this thread by coincidence.
  20. I just had 2 sets of Aircom Airtube A1s go bad in 2-4 weeks each case. Right side stopped working in both cases. I never thought the player could be at fault. I figured I just drew a couple short straws.
  21. Look at the stereox advanced controls. Are they not a sort parametric equalizer? You've got gain (boost), Frequency (center frequency control) and Q (Q control), all for left and right channels. In addition, there's a single delay and additional gain control. Does this not resemble a parametric equalizer? What is the difference?
  22. At last the solution! Perhaps I wasn't being clear enough with how I was doing it. The skin developer got back to me. I assumed that I had to long press the stereox button because that's what works on the carbon fiber skin. The developer explained that I needed to press the title or label near the stereox button, not the button itself. It just so happened that the carbon fiber skin was the only skin I had that the title/label was also on the button itself. With all the others, it was outside the button. I tried it and it works in landscape mode too, although some of the buttons may be moved pa
  23. I don't doubt it works on yours Andre, but not on mine. I even tried a stylus for precision. One interesting thing I noticed; all the skins I have use the same button layout in the tone/vol section. StereoX is on the left and volume is next to it on the right. Except for the carbon fiber skin: it has balance on the left and stereoX on the right. Also, it works in vertical (portrait) mode, but not in horizontal (landscape) mode. I'm not sure what this means. I'm not a programmer, but it could be either a skin or Poweramp compatibility issue. Edit: I just tried using my Nexus 7 (2012) tab with
  24. I tried this with KitKat 4.4.2. I named the card, and strangely it lets me delete the file but when I go to edit and grant access, nothing seems to happen. As others have said, KitKat users seem to be SOL regarding this feature.
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