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  1. I absolutely love the work you've put into Poweramp. My fav new dynamic is how the background color changes with the Album artwork??. I am loving the changes you made to the folders and library, as well as the sound. Although I'm not tech savvy in many of the advanced features, I'm cool with everything you've done...except, the visualizations changing with every song. Please provide a lock in method so we don't have to keep changing back to the ones we like manually, and PLEASE try to create a way to use the skins I've purchased or point us to new ones that will work with the new build. I appl
  2. Whatever you guys are doing to make it better, I am patiently awaitying the completed update...no matter how long it takes. My music library is useless without my Poweramp! Take your time and get it right! ?
  3. Upon installation or re-installation, Poweramp continues to automatically scan for files--leaving me no choice to choose for myself, and importing unwanted files that will be completely deleted if removed from Poweramp settings.
  4. In addition to my previous post, I was stoked to find that this build actually functioned very well when stored on my SD card! Only problem was that none of the widgets were available. They returned after moving Poweramp back to the phone. Love to see this feature become a reality. Thanks again!
  5. Hello, with the exception of three minor bugs (white on white genre list background, same album art on all music files, album art intermittently showing on home/lock screen), I am loving all the new features. Truly anticipating the new update!! Poweramp rules!! Awesome job Devs!!!!!
  6. This build seems to have a serious problem with lock screen apps. Although, the album art issue definitely deserves noting, it often continues not to show up on the lockscreen. I use CM Locker, but tested the issue on several other music apos --which provided the same results.
  7. I have this problem too. I am now forced to manually type in the genres.
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