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  1. Yes you're right.. It would definitely look good without navigation bar.
  2. Add an option to hide navigation bar.
  3. Visualization doesn't remember the last filter... When i start Poweramp... The visualization filters starts from the beginning Fix this issue.. Kinda annoying to me. Krish
  4. Please also add an option to hide navigation bar
  5. Krish

    Corrupting my MP4

    Didn't expect that developers of this app are this rude. Dissappointed!!
  6. Krish

    Corrupting my MP4

    I know its not a video player but still i want to play mp4 files with no problem like i used to do in build 574
  7. Poweramp corrupting my mp4 files. When i play some video songs in the player.. The video song's tempo changes to very low. This is also happening in newer builds of v2. But it doesn't happens in older builds for ex in 574 build. Fix this issue.. I don't want to listen to mp4 through video player.. i like to listen them in Poweramp.
  8. I want the developers to make it Full screen visualization.... means.. No status bar and no navigation bar. That'll look freakin amazing.
  9. List Settings are not saving. Fix this issue as soon as possible.
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