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  1. I'm experiencing quite a bug lately. When using hi-res on my Oneplus 6, sometimes the sound comes out of my speakers when connecting my earphones. And if unplug and plug in again, it plays in 16 bit instead of 24. This bug was also present on other versions l.
  2. The provided APK did not parse, so I tried gplay tester and it works now
  3. THANKS MAX!!! How do i opt in, it mentions something with invites?
  4. Light Beautiful, usually I find most material designs too similar, this is quitr refreshing actually...
  5. i meant changelog from Alpha 600 to 700
  6. What's the changelog of build-700 if I may ask?
  7. Yes! This really needs to happen, now gotta use neutron MP if I want to use this feature...
  8. had this too, was on a app called DrumPad 24 and opened a recorded song through Poweramp, after deleting it all my music got deleted... I'm still looking for songs i forgot to recover
  9. Hey, you can download Poweramp here http://powerampapp.com/download-Poweramp/ and the buy the unlocker which works without Google Play http://powerampapp.com/buy-Poweramp/
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