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  1. The first section was just to state that I frequently use the delete function, to point out to the users that want to remove/hide the delete function. They are not the "masters" and neither am I. What I really like with PA is that almost everything is configurable, so imho there should be a setting to hide Delete for those that never use it, and an option to make the Deletion easier. No, you must read the emphasis on the word "*far* away". I agree that the confirmation button should not appear right beneath your finger. I'm saying that there's no extra safety in having the confirm-butto
  2. I agree with all of you, BUT: I do want to permanently delete files. And I do it on a regular basis. So having the confirmation button too far away is just annoying. Having it *far* away from the initial tap doesn't add any extra safety, it only adds strain to my thumb and increase the risk of me dropping the phone on the ground. A *short* distance is enough to prevent accidental double-taps that result in an unwanted file deletion. A common source of irritation is when you (with only the left hand) reach down to the lower right corner to confirm the delete, only to find the GUI-
  3. Hi! I'd like to be able to delete files more easily. Today: * I long-press anywhere on the cover-art * the popup-menu appear * I move the finger to the Delete option (slightly center-left on screen) * the delete dialog appear at the bottom of the screen * I move the finger to confirm the deletion (bottom right on screen) This is extra tiresome on my Samsung Note9, which is quite big and wide. Example: I hear a tune that I want to erase and fetch the phone from the left jacket pocket with my left hand. (My right hand is carrying my bag and can't be used.) With my l
  4. Please change the default image when no artwork exist to show a virtual album cover, or arrows with helping text. I always swipe the wrong way when there's no image there, going to the previous track when I want to skip forward. :-) In options you could have: [x] Replace default empty cover-art with a helping pic
  5. Under the Headset options, please add this option: [x] Switch to (start) the Poweramp app when connecting a headset I like that the music resumes when I connect my earphones. By also starting the app, you also get a big visual notification that something happened and that the phone is now playing music.
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