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  1. The first section was just to state that I frequently use the delete function, to point out to the users that want to remove/hide the delete function. They are not the "masters" and neither am I. What I really like with PA is that almost everything is configurable, so imho there should be a setting to hide Delete for those that never use it, and an option to make the Deletion easier. No, you must read the emphasis on the word "*far* away". I agree that the confirmation button should not appear right beneath your finger. I'm saying that there's no extra safety in having the confirm-button 8 cm from your finger compared to having it 2 cm from it. I'm asking for a left and right confirmation button *near* my initial tap, so I don't have to stretch the thumb in nearly impossible positions. If I long-press an icon on the desktop on my Samsung, I get a button to delete the icon 2 cm above my finger. Yes, this is a GUI issue for *all* smartphone apps, not just PA. There are litterally millions of people who handle their phones with just one hand. And think of the children!!! 🙂 Also, many females and many++ Asian people have quite small hands. I think all of them would also benefit from having a left and right confirmation area near the point where one first selected Delete. Designing a GUI that's hard to use is bad design. I'm trying to help make PA better, not worse. PS: When I use the stylus I usually use both hands (and I'm sitting down). 🙂 I'm listening to downloaded mp3's while walking. Whenever I hear a song I don't like I delete it. So when a bad album is being played, I only listen for a few seconds before the next delete. Try deleting 5 files in a row, using one hand, while walking, and you see why I make this feature request. 🙂 /Elof
  2. I agree with all of you, BUT: I do want to permanently delete files. And I do it on a regular basis. So having the confirmation button too far away is just annoying. Having it *far* away from the initial tap doesn't add any extra safety, it only adds strain to my thumb and increase the risk of me dropping the phone on the ground. A *short* distance is enough to prevent accidental double-taps that result in an unwanted file deletion. A common source of irritation is when you (with only the left hand) reach down to the lower right corner to confirm the delete, only to find the GUI-action nullified when a piece of skin simultaneously touches the surface on the left side of the phone. 😕 If you don't want to create a completely new Delete GUI action, can you please at least do this: * move the delete confirmation dialog up to the cover-art (not down at the bottom) * instead of showing just [Cancel] and [Confirm], show three buttons [Confirm] [Cancel] [Confirm], where the two confirm-buttons are aligned to the edges This way users who want to delete files on the fly can easily do so with either hand. Perhaps also a setting for the "Placement of the permanent deletion confirmation dialog" (*) Bottom (reduces risk of accidental confirmation) ( ) Top /Elof - who don't want to drop his brand new Note9
  3. Hi! I'd like to be able to delete files more easily. Today: * I long-press anywhere on the cover-art * the popup-menu appear * I move the finger to the Delete option (slightly center-left on screen) * the delete dialog appear at the bottom of the screen * I move the finger to confirm the deletion (bottom right on screen) This is extra tiresome on my Samsung Note9, which is quite big and wide. Example: I hear a tune that I want to erase and fetch the phone from the left jacket pocket with my left hand. (My right hand is carrying my bag and can't be used.) With my left thumb I have to do the above steps. It is hard to stretch it to all places while also holding the phone with the same hand. Usually the next 5-10 tunes are bad as well (when I play folders of mp3's), so I repeat this delete actions over and over. Hence I need a quick and smooth Delete function. (no, I don't want to delete the entire folder in the Folder view. I want to delete unwanted songs one by one while listening to them.) (no, I don't want to first use ranking, and later bulk-delete the bad songs.) Some suggested solutions: When I long-press the cover-art, show a file-icon beneath my finger and a red trashcan near the tapped location. If I drag and drop the icon on it, the file will be deleted without any need for a confirmation dialog. Or just like when you long-press on an icon on the (Samsung) phone's desktop, you get options to Uninstall, Remove icon from desktop, etc. In the same manner, PA could show buttons instead of the menu-list. Important: the buttons must be presented *close* to the position where you tapped. The Delete button will then be near the tapped location. Now show the confirmation dialog at the same place, with confirm and cancel near the tapped location. This way I can easily delete a file with three taps close together. Or make the center line buttons customizeable. In my case I would replace the first button (Visualization) with a Delete button. This option is no good if I pick the phone up with my right hand though (the button is too far to the left). Or make the four bottom buttons customizeable, just like the bottom icons of the desktop of any Android phone. If I could add a 5th button, I would add a Delete-button in the middle, between the Equalizer and Search buttons. I guess you get my point. 🙂 /Elof
  4. Please change the default image when no artwork exist to show a virtual album cover, or arrows with helping text. I always swipe the wrong way when there's no image there, going to the previous track when I want to skip forward. :-) In options you could have: [x] Replace default empty cover-art with a helping pic
  5. Under the Headset options, please add this option: [x] Switch to (start) the Poweramp app when connecting a headset I like that the music resumes when I connect my earphones. By also starting the app, you also get a big visual notification that something happened and that the phone is now playing music.
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