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Chromecast - Blank or dim the TV screen


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I absolutely love that Poweramp let me customize pretty much everything.
One thing I miss though is the ability to blank/dim the TV screen when casting (to prevent burning and lower the TV power usage).

Here is a suggestion:

When I cast Poweramp to my Chromecast, I get the usual casting icon in the upper right corner.
When clicking it I see a slider to adjust the volume.

Please add another slider to adjust the Dim Level, from 0% (no change to the picture) to 100% (picture is completely black).
Also add:   Dim screen after [    ] seconds of user inactivity

100% dim level and 0 second timeout = the TV always show a black screen (the TV is for audio only). You look at the phone for the GUI/track changes/etc. The TV screen don't light up even if you manually change track or anything.

72% dim level and 5 second timeout = Show full brightness on the TV for as long as there are any form of interactive user activity in the Poweramp app. After 5 seconds of non-activity, the TV screen brightness lowers to very very dark but not completely black. When there are user activity, the TV screen lights up and dim again after 5 sec of non-activity.

0% dim level = you don't want to dim the TV screen at all. This is the default.
When Dim Level == 0, the timeout option (and the checkbox described below) should be grayed-out.
As soon as you move the Dim slider (Dim Level != 0), the timeout-option (and checkbox) should light up, where you can set a custom timeout. Default could be 5 seconds I think.

Also add a checkbox beneith the timeout: [ ] Temporarily light up on track change in the playlist
That is, treat an automatic track change (moving forward in the playlist) as user input. = the TV screen will temporarily light up (un-dim), showing the details for the new song and then dim back down. Note: If Poweramp is finished playing, this should not light up the screen. If you listen to a long book/whatever, and doze off, you don't want to be awakened by sudden bright light from the TV.

PS: Semi-related request: https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/23068-chromecast-screen-saver/


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I don't understand.
It is PA graphics that is shown on the TV (I have no visualizations, so I just see pretty static cover art pictures and track info).
Therefore it must be PA that create the screen visuals.

If the problem is with my suggestion, then I alter my request into:

Please add a button that I can press, on the main screen, that will blank out the screen (i.e. make it black).

I don't want my TV to display static graphics. I just want it to to be black and play the streamed audio (which is sent to my amplifier via HDMI).
If I listen to music/books/podcasts via Poweramp for hours, I might get stuff burnt in into my TV panel. 😞

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@elof thanks for the request. Yes, I guess some customization to that Chromecast screen is possible (at least, adding/removing elements or making it completely blank). I'll probably add this functionality when Chromecast functions will be touched next time. 

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