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  1. Thank you for the suggestion, it was the first thing I did though - allowed both permissions as root user + retried from the web interface just to be sure. I tried a couple of things again and it seems that I got it fixed by force closing the Poweramp equalizer app - it restarted automatically in the background and suddenly detects Youtube/Youtube vanced and also applies the equalizer to those audio sessions (it might have been some "MIUI thing"). All's good for the time being, let's hope that it keeps working.
  2. Thank you for the quick response. I am no expert, but maybe this mode could help to some extent with "speaker simulation"? https://developer.android.com/reference/android/media/audiofx/Virtualizer#VIRTUALIZATION_MODE_TRANSAURAL It is mentioned that it's primarily to be used with speakers, but I couldn't find what it does when used with headphones. Probably even the standard virtualization at the minimum level would help to mitigate the strict left-right separation in some songs. Btw. I'm sorry if it's been mentioned already, but how could I achieve sound processing system wid
  3. First of all, thanks to devs for releasing the standalone equalizer app. I was really surprised and happy to see it on the Google play store. Anyhow.. I couldn't find a dedicated topic for feature requests for Poweramp Equalizer, but configurable crossfeed would be really great (it's been already suggested for Poweramp player a little while ago). So if there is any chance - please count my vote for this feature suggestion.
  4. Same issue with Xperia Z2. Disabling DVC is a workaround, but not really acceptable as it degrades the sound quality to the point, that I've switched to another player until there is a proper fix.
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