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  1. I have a Nexus 9 16GB tablet with Sandisk Dual USB OTG for more storage. As far as it is, Poweramp App unable to read from Sandisk Dual USB OTG. Any help here ? By the way, I have format my Sandisk OTG to NTFS in order to use.
  2. Right now, my Nexus 9 5.0.1 could not launch Poweramp. Because it could not read any OTG USB devices. Need to look into it as many devices will be Lollipop soon.
  3. I am using this app with Nexus 9 along with my songs in Sandisk Dual OTG drive. I having issues where my files could not be scan and I ES Explorer could not find Power am as the default app. Has anyone in similar situation ? What are the work around ?
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