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  1. Thanks for the keep aspect ratio option. Its not a big deal to have them cropped in other small areas like notification or widgets. The main UI is the important part. Mine didn't get squashed in the library as well and it was looking fine. I did restart the app and do a rescan though.
  2. I have Playlists selected as my home location but when I tap it, the Composers menu opens instead and other options are similar as well. (When I select Queue as home, Playlists menu opens)
  3. No problems here. Thanks for the update. I have a few songs that don't have square album arts and sadly they get cropped in the center instead of being resized. It would be really awesome if we could have an option to resize album art instead of cropping. (eg: 1000x700 -> 500x350 instead of being cropped from the center as a 500x500.)
  4. The visible equalizer values are awesome, thank you Max. Also glad you brought the context search back. I also have the below issue as well but its nothing urgent.
  5. The same playlist bug happened to me too. Completely reset my m3u8 playlist and now its 0 bytes. Good thing I have backups at least. Unrelated: I also kinda miss the playlist filtering. After switching between playlists I find it hard to find which song I was listening on the previous playlist. It would be cool if we could see playlist numbers when we are scrolling through a playlist, just like we see the first letter when we scroll through "All Songs". Currently I find out where I am scrolling through by playing a random song in the screen and peaking the notification for the playlist order number. So; Is there a way to resume a playlist from the last played song?
  6. Holy sh*t it finally works!!!!! (On my old samsung phone) Max I don't know how you did it but you are a god. I actually gave up completely and was going to use 704 until my phone bricked because other apps are way worse even compared to your alpha version. So hyped to use the new version.
  7. The same thing happens on my end as well but the app doesnt write anything into the log, it just crashes immediately without even creating its window. Im guessing its either something with the gpu (if the app is using hardware acceleration on the ui) or its Los 14 is just broken in some invisible part that no other app has used before.
  8. This version (like all versions after 704) doesn't work on my LineageOS 14.1 Galaxy S4 as well. If you need it I can help you test or give you more detailed logs (if its possible).
  9. Sadly it still doesn't initialize the UI on LineageOS 14.1 just like any version after 704. If the problem is on LineageOS side we will need a reason to create a bug report.
  10. Like some other people I am also getting a black screen on LineageOS 14.1 (Galaxy S4). Same thing also happens on build 790 but thats just a preview so I will ignore that. Can't use the "send error log" button as well because it doesn't pop up. I attached a small log for now but you can contact/message me if you need anything more. I can also test a new version if you want me to. Log_2018-05-21_18-43-04.txt
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