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  1. In version 810, if I pulled the album cover image down, it only showed the albums that were associated with it. Now, all albums will be displayed. How can this be restored?
  2. What is the difference between v.792 and v.793?
  3. @Mr_SeLeNiO Thanks for answer. It is OK!
  4. I have Poweramp beta build-793. I would like the part below the album cover not to pick up the cover color. Black should remain its background color. Is this possible? If not, then such a setting would be good.
  5. Agreed, I couldn't find a way to skip to the beginning of the song, using << worked for this before
  6. Crashes when trying to view folders in the list, anybody else have that bug? This update is amazing, the player looks so slick!
  7. does anyone know how to test if my phone is really playing 24bit at 192khz???. i turned on opensl hd and the audio sounds richer though might just be something of a "placebo".. cuz my phone doesn't have a dac.. my phone is galaxy a510 on stock nougat.
  8. On 30th April you'll see that this post title will change to May and so it will continue till Max becomes dictator of Russia killing Putin with TSAR bomba.
  9. I get that. And I obviously really like and appreciate Poweramp or I wouldn't even be on this forum and talking about this issue. Nonetheless, the fact remains, there is an intrinsic flaw with the coding related to EXTREME LOW VOLUMES with the current generation Samsung phones. This is a deal breaker for most, myself included. And just what are the workarounds being suggested? A.) root the phone and try X,Y,Z, etc..... or B.) use a 3rd Party app to adjust the dB of your entire mp3 library—effecting these same values with any other app you might use. Those are both *temporary* workaround
  10. Then why is Poweramp the only music player affecting drastically reduced volume? And if it's the phone, you can pretty much scratch off the entire Samsung current generation phones off your customer list. That's a pretty big problem to have for a playstore app, I would think.
  11. BS— there is an inherent issue w/ Galaxy S7/S7Note and the volume being WAY TOO LOW. YOUR TEAM NEEDS TO IDENTIFY AND FIX IT.
  12. Flash Plus 2 (Stock Android 6.0). it has AKM4375 DAC chip with NX9890 amplifier
  13. Yes I could be a seperate item in the new (PowerAmp3 beta) menu that appears when swiping from the left side...
  14. First, I really love Poweramp and use it on a daily basis, but one feature is missing: I would like to have the ability to bookmark a folder / mark a folder as favorite so I can quick access them without scrolling through all my music. I have 30GB of music on my phone and nearly always use the folder based browsing option. Sometimes, e.g. when I have new music or I "rediscover" sth. older I want to listen more often to it. At the moment I have always to scroll/filter the whole list, to get from one to another of these folders. With a bookmarking option these folders would be much fas
  15. I know this probably isn't the best place to ask but can anyone recommend a music player that does this? I love Poweramp but this is really a problem for me, when it pauses it sometimes doesn't resume or gets killed while it's paused I'm now using PlayerPro, but the UI annoys me and Poweramp is so much faster
  16. Do you have a custom skin installed? Those have ads sometimes, you will notice that they require "internet access" when installing. Very annoying. Poweramp itself never displayed ads for me, even in trial version.
  17. Still no sync on ratings??? 3 years since that feature in to-do list and still no luck :/
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