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  1. Is it possible to implement batch tag editing? I know it's capable of editing single tracks, but being able to edit the album name of some select songs in a folder would be convenient. It doesn't really have to be complex, just simple commands like batch editing album names & artists and maybe even embedding album artwork to selected tracks (Poweramp does this within the player but doesn't save the artwork to the actual file)
  2. Here's some screenshots: Poweramp vs original: If you check the image sizes, Poweramp's album art shows 348x328, while the original one shows a 1:1 ratio of 348x348 (resized for comparison). I've already tried doing a full rescan and clearing the album art cache, still nothing.
  3. Android 4.4.4 Grid View album art is distorted and it doesn't seem to be in a 1:1 ratio. It looks a bit wider. Do I need to refresh the whole library to fix this or is it a new issue? I've noticed that the grid view is much larger than previous versions, personally I liked the more compact look better, but it's okay. I just need the album art to be in the correct aspect ratio
  4. When the album art isn't square, Poweramp would squish them to fit. Is it possible to just crop it on center to avoid this? See STN MTN / KAUAI It's more apparent on landscape artwork than here though.
  5. Is this a feature that people other than myself will use? I tag every song with their album name, and my album view is looking quite full right now. When I want to listen to a specific album (one with all the songs in it), I have to sift through dozens of one-song albums and it's not very efficient. Please consider this option in future updates.
  6. Seconded I just want to be able to reset the play count, along with embedding lyrics for offline viewing
  7. A theme would get you close to the look of Material Design, but not the feel. I'm actually fine with the UI right now though
  8. Thanks for the reply. Do you think the developers would consider this option?
  9. Is there a way to see multiple album art, specifically scans of the CD? ex: cover.jpg inner booklet.jpg back cover.jpg
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