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  1. Sometimes when choosing a song and playing it through the library, the correct song will play, but the UI at the bottom shows that another song is played. Fx clicking on "Disillusion - Back to times of Splendor" makes the song play, but the bottom UI shows "Amon Amarth - ... and Soon the World Will Cease to Be". If this bottom bar is clicked (to go back to the main UI), the currently playing song will stop and instead it will play a different one, which seems to depend on how the original song was chosen. Fx if I choose the song in the Artist-->Album view, the first song of that album plays. Pressing the back button repeatedly will go back to the main UI and correct song though, and will not stop playback.
  2. Really glad to see the list features more fully implemented, it's what kept me from using the previous beta as a daily driver. I'll be testing this one out for a bit :) One thing I noticed though after my first few minutes of poking around is this: nice feature of being able to auto-download artist images or just use an album cover, I like that. What I don't like is that some images downloaded didn't make sense (I know this VERY, VERY, VERY likely cannot be fixed, that's not the issue), and for that reason I wanted to turn that feature off again. Now however I'm stuck with these album artist images, or no nothing. What I'd like is prehaps a feature to remove the album artist image cache or something, seperately from the ALBUM image cache. Either that or perhaps the option to go back to using an album cover. Just really some way to go back to the original setting, without having to re-find/redownload the album cover images. The new UI, and more specifically getting around in it, is going to take some getting used to, but it feels rather intuitive, so that's a plus! Maybe another list variant could be just text and no images at all, as a way to maximize how many things you can view without it being in a grid?
  3. 1. Sony Xperia Z5 2. Stock, Android 7.0 (using build 704) 3. Supports 24-bit/192kHz audio The Z5 lineup is listed as supported, but it doesn't seem to work with newer versions. EDIT: with the latest Android update (now running 7.1.1) HiRes output is back
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