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  1. Sometimes when choosing a song and playing it through the library, the correct song will play, but the UI at the bottom shows that another song is played. Fx clicking on "Disillusion - Back to times of Splendor" makes the song play, but the bottom UI shows "Amon Amarth - ... and Soon the World Will Cease to Be". If this bottom bar is clicked (to go back to the main UI), the currently playing song will stop and instead it will play a different one, which seems to depend on how the original song was chosen. Fx if I choose the song in the Artist-->Album view, the first song of that album plays. Pressing the back button repeatedly will go back to the main UI and correct song though, and will not stop playback.
  2. After choosing "Auto download artist art" there's no way to revert back to using album art after Poweramp has downloaded images. The only current way is manually downloading an album cover and setting it individually for each artist. If you as a song to the queue while it is playing the last song, it will look as if the new song is playing (album art and only visible song in the queue), but audio will continue as normal. Whoever, when the song finishes the queue is exited and the new song is not played. Likewise, when exiting the queue (after having played some other list, it now returns to the last played song, instead of the next one in that list. This means the same song is played twice; once before the queue and once after. The album art is not always displayed on the lockscreen. Can't figure out a way to trigger it.
  3. Really glad to see the list features more fully implemented, it's what kept me from using the previous beta as a daily driver. I'll be testing this one out for a bit :) One thing I noticed though after my first few minutes of poking around is this: nice feature of being able to auto-download artist images or just use an album cover, I like that. What I don't like is that some images downloaded didn't make sense (I know this VERY, VERY, VERY likely cannot be fixed, that's not the issue), and for that reason I wanted to turn that feature off again. Now however I'm stuck with these album artist images, or no nothing. What I'd like is prehaps a feature to remove the album artist image cache or something, seperately from the ALBUM image cache. Either that or perhaps the option to go back to using an album cover. Just really some way to go back to the original setting, without having to re-find/redownload the album cover images. The new UI, and more specifically getting around in it, is going to take some getting used to, but it feels rather intuitive, so that's a plus! Maybe another list variant could be just text and no images at all, as a way to maximize how many things you can view without it being in a grid?
  4. Been testing it for a few while, got some feedback: Great audio playback, as always ;), using my Sony Xperia Z5 with HiRes audio. Liking the new design, though it takes some getting used to. I've found one bug with the album art display on the lock screen; most of the time it just doesn't work/doesn't show. Though this is more consistent without the new blur feature. And on that note; not that big of a fan of the new blur album art feature on the lock screen, I'd rather just have the zoomed in look as in the older versions of the app (so great that it looks to be optional!). Either that or reduce the amount of blur, that could maybe work. For now though I'm switching back to the alpha, cause I'm too accustomed to using the queue and artist browser (which are currently missing from the beta). But keep up the good work!
  5. If it's the color of the buttons you're referring too, I'm fairly sure you can just change them in the settings: Settings --> Look and Feel --> Status bar/Notification --> Notification Colors. At least I can in the newest released alpha version.
  6. I don't really mind at all that it takes a while for the V3 to be finished. Delay it as much as needed, I'd rather get a working app then something half done. However, without any sort of update on how things are going along, it can get really frustrating waiting for the new release. Just a simple; "Hey, it's delayed for a bit longer." to let us know progress is at least being made, and that it hasn't been abandoned, is enough.
  7. 1. Sony Xperia Z5 2. Stock, Android 7.0 (using build 704) 3. Supports 24-bit/192kHz audio The Z5 lineup is listed as supported, but it doesn't seem to work with newer versions. EDIT: with the latest Android update (now running 7.1.1) HiRes output is back
  8. The queue seems to have a few issues that need to be looked at. I can make one just fine and it starts playing as it should when my current song ends. But after updating to the newest version (build 702) I can no longer swipe on the album art to change song when the queue is playing. It doesn't seem to make any difference what songs are in it, how many are in it or where it currently is in the queue. I can only change by clicking the buttons. As soon as the queue ends swiping works as normal. Another issue is that album arts aren't displayed correctly in the queue. It displays one album art for the entire queue (art for the song that was supposed to be played with no queue). Locking and unlocking the device seems to fix the art. EDIT: New issue has arising when I went to test it one last time. Now the queue only plays the first and last song, it skips over everything else. After restarting the app I've not been able to replicate it sadly, though it did happen 3 times before I restarted the app.
  9. I can report a similar bug. I usually have my entire library on shuffle and here either the wrong album or no album is sometimes displayed. This is fixed only by changing song or locking and unlocking the phone. Currently the queue also seems to only show one album art, regardless of song playing. This was all noticed in build 700, just downloaded 702 and will test to see if the problem is still there.
  10. Sometimes when playing music, I get these weird audio glitches. Their though to describe, and I've only been able to just bearably record the very mild versions of them. I've got two recordings here (sorry for the potato quality), happens roughly 2 seconds in on both: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8MrGIr89YLoT3lobXEzdm1JN2c/edit?usp=sharing, https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8MrGIr89YLoUnZSQlI1Nzd1TEE/edit?usp=sharing I don't know if these links work, but let me know if they don't. Both original music files are 192kpbs mp3's, ripped using WMP from the real CD's and transferred using WinAmp to my phone. What you might be able to hear is as I've said the VERY mild version of the glitch, sometimes it can last for almost a full second. It also happens randomly. Sometimes I get them often, sometimes I can play music for almost a 40mins with no glitches at all. Here's some extra info: Phone is Nexus 5 running latest 8.0 SlimKat (also Slim kernel) It's not the files. I can have the glitch, rewind 2 seconds, and the glitch is not there. Even songs that have had tons of glitches in the past, now have none, and suddenly they return. Likewise no errors are experienced playing them on my PC with WinAmp or when using Google Play Music. It's been annoying me for the better part of a month now, and I'd really want it to go away.
  11. I've been using Poweramp for a while now. Previously I used it with my Galaxy S i9000, where everything worked fine. Recently I upgraded to a Nexus 5, and I'm experiencing audio glitches during playback. It happens randomly every 4 or so songs, it's difficult to describe the sound but something weird defiantly happens. It doesn't matter which song I play, and sometimes it can be 5-6 songs with no glitches at all. They aren't longer then half a second, but still ruining the listening experience. As far as I can tell it only happens with Poweramp. I've just tried listening to roughly 2 hours with Google Play Music, and no glitches so far. As I said, I'm using a Nexus 5, currently running newest version of SlimKat (weekly) with ElementalX Kernel. I've also tried it with Linaro and Code Blue kernel on SlimKat. Likewise with ParanoidAndroid and Linaro/ElementalX kernel. Can't remember anything about stock Android, since I rooted pretty quickly.
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