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  1. Hi Maxmp, I updated to 564, but the tags are not saved as tags in files. Furthermore the file attribut "last change" are not updated.
  2. What about the request of saving the star rating into tags of the file like discussed here: http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/5982-saving-start-rating-to-files/ When wil this feature finally come?
  3. Hi, I add some point: when Poweramp will have this important feature, then we need an option where you can configure, if a change of a star rating should change the file attribut "last change" or not. When activated and a rating is done, then Poweramp should change this file attribut. Why? Because sycnhronize tools will often look at this file attribut. With this feature I have to rate a file only once, snchronize and then I will have my rating at other cell phones, computers, tablets too. No 2: please include then more than one rating format, for example WMP (Windows Media Player, WinAmp
  4. Hi, please implement this (saving the rating into the file as tag). Please use the WMP (Windows Media Player) logic. Maybee WinAmp or MediaMonkey too. But then let your customers the choice, which of them Poweramp should use for writing the tags. Thank you
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