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  1. We shouldn't have to use a work around to run an app WE PAID FOR! HOW ABOUT FIXING THE APP?
  2. Previous thread was closed by the administrator because he dislikes pointing out the app doesn't work AS PURCHASED! The notification bar does not work with Android 8.1. The developer had refused to fix it. The "work around" that had been posted is buggy, doesn't work for all phones, and should be fixed by the developer. Warn everyone in the reviews on Play not to buy until this is fixed.
  3. And as I have stated, you don't blame the operating system for the developers lack of support and updates. Neither version 2 or the beta version 3 have fixed this problem. Neither have been updated for so long that it's obvious the developer can't keep up with the changes in Android. I see the developer skiing people to email him there problems in the Play store on a daily basis, and yet he doesn't fix it, but still takes the money from them. Andre, your quite the cheerleader for the developer, but since your not him, how about supporting the users of the app and help get it fix
  4. Poweramp works, but the notification bar problem is known issue since December. Why is there a temporary solution? Fix it! The player I'm using currently works just fine in the notification bar. Emailing the developer does no good, so I keep warning everyone. Maybe someday a fix it update will happen.
  5. I am using AIMP for now. It's free, but no equalizer. Maybe download that separate? At least the app works in 8.1, unlike this one.
  6. I have been emailing the developer, posting bad reviews, etc. All to no avail. I suggest trying a different app until they decide to fix it later or release the new app. It's been more than a year for either of those things, so don't hold your breath. BTW, make sure you leave a bad review on Play, hit them in the pocket book!
  7. Tried, but no go. The fix is buggy, doesn't respond quickly, etc. Plus you have to jump through more hoops then a Ringling Brothers lion. Once again, glad I'm switching to another app to play my music. But I'm still going to warm everyone on Google Play that it doesn't work on 8.1, the developer isn't supporting the app anymore, and the mythical unicorn of version 3.0 is just that.
  8. Once again, let's blame the phone or Google for the developer not updating our fixing his app for 18 months. I'm glad your his cheerleader on here, but when is the app gonna get fixed?
  9. Once again, no support of your app. Maybe I can get enough people to stop buying and move on? Then you'll fix it?
  10. So far, if you read different parts in this forum, v2 is not going to get fixed until v3 is done. In a previous post, I was even told to roll back my phone to 8.0 instead of the developer fixing this app. If that's the kind of support you'll get from these clowns, don't buy this app. Hit these guys where it hurts, the pocket book.
  11. How come there's no updates since the first of this year in when v3 will be released Andre, I mean Mr. Forum Administrator?
  12. No, I didn't read your signature other than it says administrator. Why answer then if your not the developer? This is a help forum, not an opinion page. If you feel the need to answer every post, without helping, please stop.
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