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  1. Hi, Luki! I'm still kinda new at PA so I'm learning too. I don't know whether you can shuffle the queue. I've never tried but I did learn something else that's helpful to me. So hopefully it'll be helpful to others as well. After you create a play list & while you have it open for viewing, press the Menu button. Press the AZ List Options. You bring up a list of sorting options like Random Sort & by Track #, etc. Then when you're in playback long press Repeat & select Repeat List then long press Shuffle & select Songs/Lists & you're all set. I've been listening to the same
  2. I have/had the same issue. It seems to be a common problem with all music players, not just Android apps. Seemed like "Come Dancing" by The Kinks; "Freak on a Leash" by Korn & Zebra's "Who's Behind the Door" played every 3rd or 4th song, along with some others that I used to love till they played incessantly. Frustrating. I read on some tech site somewhere that you can "train" your player to look farther into your files. Don't yet know whether this will work in PA because I just started using this app about a week ago. What you do is every time a song is repeatedly chosen "randomly"
  3. Many thanks to andrewilley for the assist on my Bluetooth blues!!

  4. Well, d'uh! I thought it was paired from my last music player. There again, I paired it through my old music player & just wasn't thinking it through. Look up the word "scatterbrained" and you'll see my picture next to the definition!! Thanks so much, Andre!! M_D
  5. OK, I'll say it. My name is molly_dog & I'm a noob to Poweramp (& this forum). I'm in a huge hurry right now so I'll fill out my profile when I get home but, in the meantime, I'm 52, disabled due to kidney failure, I live in Western New York near Buffalo and I cannot exist without my music, eclectic as it may be--any- & everything except Country, even though I'm originally from Mississippi. I have been using the app for about a week on my Galaxy S4 in a heads-up competition between PA, n7 & MAVEN 3D. Obviously, PA won because I'm here. I purchased the full version last night
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