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  1. Hi, Luki! I'm still kinda new at PA so I'm learning too. I don't know whether you can shuffle the queue. I've never tried but I did learn something else that's helpful to me. So hopefully it'll be helpful to others as well. After you create a play list & while you have it open for viewing, press the Menu button. Press the AZ List Options. You bring up a list of sorting options like Random Sort & by Track #, etc. Then when you're in playback long press Repeat & select Repeat List then long press Shuffle & select Songs/Lists & you're all set. I've been listening to the same list for nearly 3 days & it hasn't played the same song in the same day yet. Maybe it's my settings but I can't shut Poweramp down. Whenever I start it up it picks up right where I left off. Even when I "end this app" it doesn't really shut down. I haven't gone to the extreme & stopped it in App Manager, just via the normal end apps by long pressing the Menu button on my S4. Hope this helps. M_D
  2. I have/had the same issue. It seems to be a common problem with all music players, not just Android apps. Seemed like "Come Dancing" by The Kinks; "Freak on a Leash" by Korn & Zebra's "Who's Behind the Door" played every 3rd or 4th song, along with some others that I used to love till they played incessantly. Frustrating. I read on some tech site somewhere that you can "train" your player to look farther into your files. Don't yet know whether this will work in PA because I just started using this app about a week ago. What you do is every time a song is repeatedly chosen "randomly", advance to the next track as quickly as you can, Preferably in the first 2 or 3 seconds. It takes some time (a couple months) but then your player should finally start looking at some of the other files on its own. I have on my phone 800+ songs & it seemed to work with the "default" player that I first used on my S4. I started hearing some deeper tracks. I was just getting used to not having to keep my finger poised over the screen when disaster struck. A couple weeks ago my 8 month-old Galaxy bit the dust due to a fatal hairline crack in the screen so I'm starting back over from scratch, this time with PA. Hope this technique works for both of us. Lotsa Luck! M_D
  3. Well, d'uh! I thought it was paired from my last music player. There again, I paired it through my old music player & just wasn't thinking it through. Look up the word "scatterbrained" and you'll see my picture next to the definition!! Thanks so much, Andre!! M_D
  4. OK, I'll say it. My name is molly_dog & I'm a noob to Poweramp (& this forum). I'm in a huge hurry right now so I'll fill out my profile when I get home but, in the meantime, I'm 52, disabled due to kidney failure, I live in Western New York near Buffalo and I cannot exist without my music, eclectic as it may be--any- & everything except Country, even though I'm originally from Mississippi. I have been using the app for about a week on my Galaxy S4 in a heads-up competition between PA, n7 & MAVEN 3D. Obviously, PA won because I'm here. I purchased the full version last night but I forgot one critical test: Bluetooth connectivity. I'll admit, sometimes I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer, brightest bulb in the box, pick your euphemism, but I'd like to think this would be a rather simple task. Kind of like my former player: Click "Settings", select "Bluetooth"-Done. To switch back, "Settings", select "Device"-Done. I did find Headset/Bluetooth in the settings but then it went all cryptic on me. I have the "Show buttons....." enabled but I'll be dipped in sheep poo if I can find any button on my screen in the player anywhere that shows I have a choice in the output. In Googling this conundrum I found one one other person (so apparently I'm not the only one who can't figure it out ) who had posted to a forum for help. The only response to the question was "It works for me in my car." That's it?!?!? No "press this to do that"? Just "La dee da, works for me, you figure it out". Which led me to find this forum. Maybe I'm a little out of control on the whole Bluetooth thing but, really, could someone please explain to me how to connect to my external speaker and/or headphones with Poweramp? Thanks!! M_D
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