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  1. A copy of a file still having the issue of randomly having a colon combining the two genres, has been sent to that email address.
  2. Any ideas what could be making some of the songs still weird out then?
  3. I do not use colons to separate my tags. I said that Poweramp displays my music with colons in them. All my music is separated with the supported semi-colon. Also I sent a test file that is properly tagged that is having the error as well. EDIT: I did force refresh to see if that would fix it because of an update, however, that didn't completely fix the problem. There are still some songs that having been properly read by Poweramp and all the remaining songs display in Poweramp as genre:genre, despite them all being tagged with the standard semi-colon.
  4. I understand that much. That is literally how all my music is tagged. What I'm saying is that in Poweramp they are displaying as genre:genre and genre/genre.
  5. All of my music is separated with ; and works completely fine in Foobar2000. However, that hasn't stopped a lot of songs being under genre/genre/genre (also some are genre:genre:genre) in Poweramp. I'll grab a song to send over and edit this post when it's sent. EDIT: Email is sent.
  6. I'm currently having issues getting music files with multiple genres added in the tags to work correctly. I'm currently using Foobar2000 to tag all my music and a lot of my songs are tagged with multiple genres. The way this is currently being handled in Poweramp, is for it to mash all the genre tags together into one large genre. This ends up making my music get split into weird groups. An example would be if I had a song tagged with House and another that also had Trance in the tag, the first would end up under House (of course) but the second would end up in House/Trance. It would be preferable that the one tagged with Trance and House be under both genres separately; this would avoid making unnecessarily obscure genres for maybe one song that crosses several genres.
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