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  1. It's so long since Poweramp gives us so great experience when listening to music. But how it is possible that Poweramp still doesn't support viewing queue of currently playing songs? You can only peek one next song swiping right or on bottom dialog if you choose the right one. Why viewing at least a few of next songs and managing them is a missing feature?
  2. Hello, Why when DVC is enabled there is such a big delay in volume change? If I press vol+- button, media panel volume shows it immediately, but real volume in Poweramp changes after about 500 ms. Could this be fixed somehow? Thanks!
  3. Hello, I wanted to shuffle random visualisations after 10 sec, but only that one having 4-5 star rating. Could there be such filter added to this well functioned visualisations? Thanks!
  4. Hello, Is it supposed to open another slider to change volume of Poweramp, when DVC is enabled? If i disable DVC, changing media volume changes Poweramp volume, but ehen DVC is enabled there is another slider in my volume panel, that controls Poweramp separately from media. This behavior unfortunately causes that I can't skip songs with buttons when DVC is enabled. Any workaround to this? Thanks!
  5. Nevermind, I found an option to 'audio lock' in 'tweaks' menu, it works great. Thanks!
  6. Hello, Today I have reverted to stock ROM from cyanogenmod, and have encountered bothering problem. When screen goes off, after 30 seconds, my phone goes to deep sleep and music starts to stuter(is choppy, stops and play after few miliseconds). I have raised the minimum value of clock, no luck. Other music players works normally, but their use software sound engine. I wanted to incerase buffer size, but its impossible in lastest alpha if I am not mistaken. Any clue? LG G2, D802, Stock 5.0.1 ROM, using internal Hi-Res ouput
  7. Thanks Max! Can I ask why LG G2 isn't tested/confirmed device for Hi-Res output? Will it change in the future? Cheers
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