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  1. Deraik

    Poweramp Build 820

    hello, i noticed something odd. when i play music via bluetooth on my car, i always see the id3 tag of the previous song, and not the actual one playing. i think it's Poweramp because if i play anything else from the phone, the title is always correct, and for exemple, if i have the issue, and i play a youtube video. i see the correct youtube name on my car, then if i switch to Poweramp i see the correct name from Poweramp. but not if i disconnect from the car and start from Poweramp. in thet case the name is not correct. i remember some kind of options about that on v2, not shure tho. anything i can do? thanks
  2. Deraik

    Poweramp Build 820

    yeah, EMUI is weird. i can setup the sd card as main memory, but if i do that Poweramp only detects the sd and can't even see the internal memory of the phone. setting up the phone memory as main, and sd card as secondary, seems like the problem is solved. also, i can see both again from the Poweramp menu (image attached)
  3. Deraik

    Poweramp Build 820

    images attached. i don't see the "internal storage" option 39533fd2-3201-4fa5-8050-985abbc0b1dc.jfif 9674013b-937d-4a1f-80ae-2e8047c8b606.jfif
  4. Deraik

    Poweramp Build 820

    i tried but... in Poweramp i only see the sd card as root (in the phone settings i set up the sd as main memory, but still, i cannot see the new folder i added for the test 😕 EDIT: i did another test. i cleared app data, then imported my (big) music folder (807 albums right now) and still had trouble adding covers. even without rebooting. then i imported my saved settings and cover arts came back again. so... fresh install: some cover arts lost (and i cannot add them anymore) if i reboot i lose some cover arts (and i cannot add them anymore) if i reload my settings from the app, they all come back just fine (and i can change them as normal)
  5. Deraik

    Poweramp Build 820

    nope, they are not (at least not the first one i tried, there are a lot of albums) and yes, i also did a full rescan and i cleared cache of album arts. this does nothing. only clearing app data fixes it. until i reboot the phone...
  6. Deraik

    Poweramp Build 820

    Hello, some covers are missing, and i can't add them in any way. if i select an image from my internal memory or online, it wont apply. also artists images are gone. i can resolve only reinstalling the application or clearing all the app data, but when i reboot the phone the problem keeps coming back i also did a full rescan, cleared album art cache.. everything i found in the settings everytime i will import my settings because i don't want to set them up again and again. all my music is on a 128gb external memory card phone: honor 8 FRD-L09 with oreo 8.0.0 EMUI 8.0.0. last android patch 1 july 2018 what should i do? is it a bug? Thanks 140489f4-58ec-46e3-94da-616c347972a0.jfif e735d4f1-0ab9-471a-b719-b09131246190.jfif
  7. Deraik

    How to properly use TPE tags

    Great, it was the settings you mentioned. Album view works fine now. Thanks!
  8. Deraik

    How to properly use TPE tags

    Just album, sorting by artist name
  9. Deraik

    How to properly use TPE tags

    Hello, loaded my first compilations, and I set up album artist as "various", but in album view I don't see them listed as "various" but seems like Poweramp grabs the last artist on the album. Images attached. What I'm doing wrong? Thanks
  10. I revive this topic because I think fine tuning is needed. I know I can go up or down 10% by tapping above or below a slider, but I need tuning with 1db precision, and having a numeric reference (or even better, input) would be perfect. If it can't be done how can I do it with other apps? (I don't really want to do that) Thanks
  11. True, I re-encoded. But could be useful. And it was there before
  12. I think Silence removal should come back. A lot of albums that played nicely before now they don't anymore :( is it possible to have it back? Thanks!
  13. this is new. i've recently changed my phone and this wasn't happening before. now some album names, in album view, are aligned to the left and without the last letter.. of course i checked the id3tag and everything is normal. i trid to change it, completely rewrite it. rip again the album from cd and give it new tags. nothing changes.. i'm on samsung galaxy s3 neo kitkat 4.4.2. here 2 screenshot (supermodifieD and confielD) strangely enough they are 2 albums ending with a "D" (but it doesnt do it with all the names ending with D tho..)
  14. Deraik

    Display running time for Album

    please this is the only thing I really miss from this awesome player. please please implement this!
  15. Deraik

    Total time of a playlist

    absolutely needed! i came here to suggest the same! i'm always looking for the total time of my albums and queued tracks