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  1. I know this is a couple of years and this thread is old, but this is still a problem for me. If I have my albums list sorted by artist, which is how I prefer to navigate my library, any album with multiple artists (such as compilations and soundtracks) goes into the queue in alphabetical artist order, rather than the track order of the album. If I switch the albums list to being ordered "by name" the album will go into the queue in correct order. I think such albums should be added to the queue in track order no matter how I navigate albums in my library, as it's a pain to switch back and forth just for those times I want to add a compilation to my queue.
  2. Thanks- it looks like it's happening because I like my albums library sorted by artist. I just switched it to sort by name, and now compilations add to the queue in the right order (track number). It seems the order by artist was affecting compilations even when I added them from the search function.
  3. I have an issue where when I add a compilation with multiple artists into the queue (for example, something like the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack), they always end up out of album order. If I add the album to the queue from the search function, the tracks are added alphabetically by artist, and if I add the folder from the search, they go into the queue alphabetically by track name. When I click on the albums and start playing it from track one, outside the queue, it plays in proper order. Is there a setting somewhere I've missed so that the tracks can enter the queue in their album order?
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