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  1. I am using "Advance Category" and "Shuffle Categories", not using a CUE sheet. I rolled back to 860 already, so I can't test or reproduce the issue any more.
  2. And, now it's freezing upon the end of tracks again, but randomly. Sometimes it happens after a couple of tracks, sometimes after more, but eventually a song will end, and the audio stops while the track, on the screen, looks like it's starting over, and the app stops responding to any taps. I think I'll go back a version or two for now.
  3. Well, it wasn't ideal, but after clearing all data from the app and reloading my exported settings, it seems to be working now. Phew.
  4. I'm going to have to test some more, but right now on my LG G7 running the latest version of Poweramp from the Play store (installed this morning), I can only play one song at a time via bluetooth, at which point the song looks like it starts over on the screen but no sound plays and the app won't respond to anything I do. If I force close and re-open, I can choose another song, then it does the same thing when the song ends. With a wired connection, the next song plays, but the app is very unresponsive and right now it's stuck with the album art and song info loading even though the track is playing, and while I can get to the EQ screen, clicking library is unresponsive.
  5. True. I can't really think of any reason that the default order when adding albums should be anything other than track # order.
  6. I love Poweramp and have been using it for years, and while I like v3, I really miss one functionality from v2- the way the queue used to work. I have two issues that make it far less useful than it used to be. For reference, I may listen to whole albums, more than individual songs. 1. Please bring back the ability to have the queue start after the current list is done. This way I can go back to queueing up the next album while the current one is playing (currently, I need to wait until the last song starts playing, or the next album will start before the current one finishes). 2a. When adding to the queue from the search function, an album should add in track order, but for the last few months they have added in alphabetical order. This has made the queue even less useful, as it now takes several extra clicks (going into the album, selecting all, then adding to queue) where before all I had to do was long-press and click add to queue. 2b. Albums with various artists should also add to queue in track order, but from search they have added in artist name order. If I find the album in my albums screen, it adds correctly, but with thousands of albums on my phone it can take longer to find an album this way than I'd like. Sorry for the long, annoying request. I just miss the ability to have the queue be easy and useful for listening to whole albums. Thanks.
  7. Thanks. I'll start doing that, but until a few weeks ago, adding from search on the whole album used to add in the right order.
  8. I'm having the same problem, and I've changed all the settings I could think of, and even completely wiped the app and started over, only for the issue to persist. The issue only affects me if I add to the queue from search. If I add from the albums or artists pages of the library, they add in order, but any album added to the queue from the search screen goes into the queue in alphabetical order. Edit- I'm on the latest beta version of the app, on an LG G7 running stock Android.
  9. I'm still having this issue after a couple more updates. Is there a new setting I'm not finding?
  10. Since the latest update (on an LG G7 running stock Android 9), any time I add an album to the queue from the search screen, it goes into the queue in alphabetical order by track name, rather than track number, as was normal before. If I add from the albums screen, it goes into the queue fine, but anything from the search menu is out of order. Previously I had this problem only with compilation albums (I had to choose to list albums by name rather than artist for them to add to the queue correctly), but now all albums are affected, and changing the view order for albums has not changed anything.
  11. Another LG G7 Thinq with a crash upon touching the volume keys. I disabled the Volume Panel and now it doesn't crash, but I'll look forward to the next update so I can have the Volume Panel again!
  12. Thanks- it looks like it's happening because I like my albums library sorted by artist. I just switched it to sort by name, and now compilations add to the queue in the right order (track number). It seems the order by artist was affecting compilations even when I added them from the search function.
  13. I have an issue where when I add a compilation with multiple artists into the queue (for example, something like the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack), they always end up out of album order. If I add the album to the queue from the search function, the tracks are added alphabetically by artist, and if I add the folder from the search, they go into the queue alphabetically by track name. When I click on the albums and start playing it from track one, outside the queue, it plays in proper order. Is there a setting somewhere I've missed so that the tracks can enter the queue in their album order?
  14. I'll add my voice to those hoping for this feature to return!
  15. Same here, I thought my right headphone was crapping out and was about to contact for a warranty replacement, but wanted to check everything first! Really hoping this fix is released fast.
  16. I'm still in the beta and had no problem reverting to the older version, but I recommend disabling auto-update for Poweramp in the Android Play Store, to avoid going back to this broken version.
  17. Same issue on Moto X4. Crashes repeatedly on Bluetooth, works fine when not.
  18. Looking forward to testing out the Chromecast support... Thanks!
  19. Hi- I have one feature request- that accented letters be alphabetized with the letter that's accented, instead of at the end. For example, Ólafur Arnalds would be with the 'O' artists when I sort by artist name, rather than after Z, like he is now.
  20. Hi- I really like being able to have the album art bigger and the text below the image, but I have this problem worth the skin where a lot of buttons and text overlap (see image).
  21. Same here. Since I pretty much only listen to albums, this was a deal breaker. I rolled back to the previous version, and I'll wait for the next to try again.
  22. Hi- I'm loving the new versions, but can I request that the option to have the queue start up after the current list is finished come back? I generally listen to whole albums, and I like queuing up a next album for after this album finishes. Thanks!
  23. I love it and am excited for more updates. Can I make a couple of requests/suggestions? 1. A way to quickly jump to another list/album without being on the first or last track, like we had before (a two- fingered swipe?). 2. A way to see which track out of how many on the player screen again (it's still in the notifications of course, but it was nice for me, as I almost always listen to full albums). Thanks!
  24. First off- I've been using Poweramp for years and love it, but I have one longstanding very minor pet peeve. Sometimes an album has different art for different tracks (for example, if you get some albums from Bandcamp, the files comes with different art for each track). In the player screen, this shows up fine for each track. However, in the Library screens, the artwork of the last track is always the one to display, when usually in these cases, the first track has the album cover and the artwork is different for the others. In other cases, a bonus track at the end may have different art, and the same thing happens, with the last track's art showing in the library rather than the album art from the first track. My suggestion would be, for these newer versions of Poweramp, that the first track's art be the default artwork in the library screens. Thanks!
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