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  1. I solved my own problem - Should I be embarassed to be caught like this? Anyhow, if you put your FLAC files into the S3's standard music directory "Music" on your external SD card, there's no problem: Poweramp finds your FLAC files and puts them into its library and album listing automatically as soon as you disconnect the USB cable. BUT, if you (originally, when you first set up your S3) just copied your "My Music" directory from your Windows box to your S3, keeping the directory name "My Music", Poweramp has a lot of trouble recognizing the FLAC files in it although it doesn't have any probl
  2. With disk and other storage space plentiful and cheap, I decided to switch to a lossless audio format for all of my future ripping and downloads, and picked FLAC. (You're welcome to knock my choice if you want, but that's not the reason for this note.) Background info: I'm ripping CDs on a Win 7 machine and uploading to a Samsung Galaxy S3 (for now; the point is to have a file format that I can keep around for years and be able to play on just about any machine, now and in future). The Galaxy S3 is the Poweramp machine that's giving me trouble. I'm running V2.0.9, build 534, in paid mode. I do
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