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  1. I just started using the beta today and the first thing I did not like was how the song title, album and artist (and the 3-dot-button) are displayed in those solid black boxes on top of the cover. Displaying the title info below the cover would definitely be the best option in my opinion. Additionally I think it might be also a good option if the transparency % for the title info boxes could be changed. I can imagine that the boxes might not be that annoying if they are like 50% transparent. What I would also change is that the artist should be displayed in front of the album title. But again, the best way would be if this was configurable, so everybody could configure it they way they prefer.
  2. Same problem here on LG G4 with Android 5.1. With build 580 it's not possible to customize the menu anymore. The action bar is forced on top of the cover. Previous settings from older build were overwritten. After downgrade action bar could be disabled again.
  3. Don't blame Poweramp, blame Google/Android. Since a few versions Poweramp is able to transfer the Meta track info to the bluetooth device if your phone supports it. So maybe you should check if this is enabled. The problem is that by default Android is still using AVRCP 1.0 or 1.1. Some vendors added a workaround in their phones wich enable AVRCP 1.3, e.g. Galaxy SII. But with the Nexus devices, devices from other venders, or even devices with Cyanogenmod 10.1 this will not work, as AVRCP is still on version 1.0. Maybe the Goole Play Music app also has implemented a workaround which is not available for other apps yet.
  4. Poweramp is definitely the superior player. The only feature I could imagine from Player Pro is the Artist Picture. Maybe you could implement an option to download artist pictures automatically from a specific server or select the pictures manually.
  5. Any update/info on this one? Is there a chance that we will finally have this feature in 2.1?
  6. Would it be possible to add "Pause on A2DP disconnect"? If I use Poweramp with my car radio and bluetooth, auto-play is now working fine with the latest version. However, when I turn the radio off, sometimes the music is paused but most of the time it continues to play.
  7. As mentioned in my post... Erase and rescan also didn't work but uninstall and reinstall did the job. Only had to reconfigure Poweramp but that should be done quickly.
  8. Hi Max, thanks for the new beta, and great to have the album swipe gestures back. In the first moment I was a little bit shocked after upgrading from beta 1, because the new beta didn't seem to read the ID3 tags. Aritsts/Album etc. in Library view were empty, even after rescan or erase/rescan. The folder view and All songs only showed the filenames and not the song title. I was pretty sure this worked in beta 1, reverted to beta 1, rescanned and everything was fine again. (Library showing all aritsts...) Installing beta 2 again got me back to the empty Artists etc. However, before asking for your support, I uninstalled Poweramp (except Unlocker) reinstalled beta 2 and finally I could use the library with all the tags. So if anyone else is seeing such a problem after upgrading from beta 1... uninstalling and reinstalling should help. The only disadvantage was to go through the settings again. Other than that, great work! Btw. I somehow didn't get your answer regarding problems with direct unlock. You said it's connected to the ROM. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy SII with stock Android 2.3.4/TouchWiz. Any known issues that direct unlock also doesn't work on the stock SII? Any patch I could install to get direct unlock working?
  9. A few more issues I found with Beta 1: When swiping through the songs, loading of the album art often takes up to 0,5-1s, so you see the Poweramp logo before the actual album art loads. I only have embedded album arts for each song. This is more a cosmetic issue, however in 1.4 this worked flawlessly. Pause on bluetooth disconnect doesn't work. Direct Unlock doesn't work. Still getting to the system unlock screen instead of main menu/Poweramp. In the meantime I also had a few crashes, I think when Poweramp tried to switch to another song, but can't duplicate it. But that's what you might expect from a beta, that it doesn't run completely stable yet. However, keep on your good work. I'm sure you'll fix all the issues for the final.
  10. Oh, sorry. Thought this feature came with Android itself. Anyway, do you see the possibility to add this feature, so that those phone who have the current AVRCP version can use it?
  11. Since Android 2.3 the song info is provided to bluetooth radio/headset with the stock player. If this feature won't be implemented into 2.0, I hope it will be in Poweramp not later than 2.1. This and several similar requests are open since at least beginning of the year, and yet nothing seems to have happened. It doesn't even seem to be on the todo list. Please add this feature!
  12. I can't confirm that. For me this is still a serious bug, which immediately made me return to 1.4. If I have an artist with only one album it says list finished, when it should usually proceed to the next artist. For an artist with more than one album the 2.0 beta only switches (or you can only switch manually) between the artist albums and never proceeds to the next artist, regardless if advance list is activated or not. Especially when you drive with the car it's difficult/almost impossible and not very secure to select the continue with the next artist, by going into the library again -> going up to artist albums -> going up to artists -> select the next artist -> select the album - > select the (first) song. So instead of waiting for the player to auto proceed to the next artist, or clicking one button, you have to tap the screen SIX times! There's also another similar feature missing in 2.0 which is very important for me! In 1.4 it was not only possible to use the gestures for next/previous song by sliding the screen horizontally. It was also possible to go through the albums by sliding the screen vertically. I hope these gestures to scroll through albums will return, and combined with my first complaint it's generally possible again to auto-proceed within artists, without creating playlists for each album. Otherwise I will have to stay on 1.4, which would make me sad, since especially the GUI has made some nice progress! Everything else was working surprisingly perfect(stable) for a beta, but these features need to return.
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