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  1. Nobody ? Otherwise, is anyone able to show me a source code of a skin (without all your work in res for shire !) which work with Sony xperia ROMs. Thaaaaannks !!
  2. Hi, Since the SDK update, i have update my skins to work with 4.2 sony's rom. I have a clean build of my skins with 1.2 SDK, they run perfectly on Poweramp EXCEPT on sony's rom. I think the problem comes from the skin_compat section, but not shure. I've put the original Poweramp app 534 renamed as "skin_compat-debug.apk" Here is a the path folder of the skin https://github.com/Pdroid/skin_demo Thanks a lot for your help !
  3. Hi. I've bought Poweramp a year ago, i am totally stocked of that. but i discover that Poweramp on tablet is just a big smartphone with ALOT of lost usefull space. it's frustrating, verry frustrating. so i recommend to just bring 2 listin the same screen, exactly like in Poweramp settingson tablet. for example, first list with songs artist etc ... (position 1 on the picture) and next to that list, selected one, songs for example(position 2 on the picture) i think it's ESSENTIAL and i'm surprised that this feature is not present yet Thanks
  4. Create an empty directory named "assets" in your path And use apkpush instead of jarpush
  5. Hi, thanks for the update. Is anyone having this issue, can't find a solution -code-gen: [echo] SKIN: Generating R.java / Manifest.java from the resources... [exec] W/asset ( 3830): Asset path skin_compat/bin/skin_compat-debug.apk is neither a directory nor file (type=1). [exec] ERROR: Asset package include 'skin_compat/bin/skin_compat-debug.apk' not found.Thanks
  6. Hi, I have made a skin, which works pretty well, i have themed button, icons, knobs and more .. Without any problems, but i CAN't find how to change backrounds of activity_eq and activity_play_list I've check references-resources/default_styles several times (On github here : skinsdk), but i'm stuck .. If someone can help me with that, thanks
  7. Well, i have decompile with apktool and Poweramp as framework, I didn't notice that for icons, will watch later. So i have to make a frame all around of my icons in black #000000 ? Just for .9 ? I have tryied to remplace a .9 png with a non.9 and i got alooooot of issues, didn'tknow why, now i can fix that thx ! And I always wanted to change the backround of main lists like here : But i did'nt find the resources to do that (i didn't find here https://github.com/maxmpz/powerampapi/blob/master/poweramp_skin_sdk/reference_resources/values/default_styles.xml) Do you know something about it ?
  8. Ok, Thanks for your help and your quick answers Just one little question, what software do you use to create png elements for your themes ?
  9. That stuffs was already done, but if i change the package name, i get an error.I'll try to start build with only manifest, res folder, src folder with my name With ant debug it works fine but it's not my signature ! Do you know how i can create key.store and key.alias ? Thanks
  10. For assets, it works, thx Now, there is an issue with my keys, i made them by compiling an apk with inteliJ, for alias and store i've only One file wich is ~/keys My password had been asked, but after he can't find the file "keys" I verified, the file "keys" is in "~/" folder with the good typo When i input a wrong password, the return is "wrong password" so the keys are readen -release-prompt-for-password: [input] Please enter keystore password (store:../../../../keys):***************** [input] Please enter password for alias '../../../../keys':*****************-release-nosign:-rel
  11. I was in the wrong folder, if you watch, i was in "poweramp_api_example" and not in "poweramp_skin_sdk/skin classic" Now i am ! and i get issues ! [exec] ERROR: asset directory '/home/pdroid/adt-bundle-linux-x86_64-20130522/eclipse/workspace/purewhite/assets' does not existBUILD FAILED/home/pdroid/adt-bundle-linux-x86_64-20130522/eclipse/workspace/purewhite/build.xml:57: exec returned: 1build.xml Thanks for your answer Edit : And 've got a question, when you do this step : You can't compile, there is an error "com.maxmpz.Poweramp.skins.classic does not exist"And when you re write
  12. Hi, i'am trying just to build the example theme But it doesn't work pdroid@linuxUB-MS-7596:~/adt-bundle-linux-x86_64-20130522/eclipse/workspace/powerampapi/poweramp_api_example$ ant distBuildfile: /home/pdroid/adt-bundle-linux-x86_64-20130522/eclipse/workspace/powerampapi/poweramp_api_example/build.xmlBUILD FAILEDTarget "dist" does not exist in the project "MainActivity". Total time: 0 seconds When i run ant alone i get this pdroid@linuxUB-MS-7596:~/adt-bundle-linux-x86_64-20130522/eclipse/workspace/powerampapi/poweramp_api_example$ ant Buildfile: /home/pdroid/adt-bundle-linux-x86_64-2013052
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