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  1. Both of my DACs are unfortunately limited to 24 bit 48KHz, on my pixel 3, they both work correctly on a Galaxy S8 The DACs are Shure RMCE-USB and Nextdrive Spectra X Other than that I'm loving the new UI
  2. I think he is referring to the list displayed when you pinch the 'now playing' screen
  3. High res now working on my Pixel 3 with external DAC (Shure RMCE-USB and Spectra X) however limited in both cases to 24bit/48khz. The Shure is capable of 24bit/96KHz and the Spectra 32bit/196Khz
  4. I Have a Pixel3 and I'm using a Spectra X DAC, I can select USB DAC in OpenSL ES Hi-Res Output, however the audio is always reported to be 16bit, 48KHz even though the source material is 192KHz 24bit, and the difference in sound quality between Poweramp and USB Audio Player Pro is very noticable, with USBAPP correctly utilising the DAC
  5. I have just purchased a Pixel 3 and cannot get my Netxdrive Spectra X DAC to work at anything other than 16bit 44KHz, it works ok with my old Samsung Galaxy S8 at 24bit 192KHz, I can enable Hi Res Output but it always uses the default OpenSL ES output instead. Tom
  6. You can add me to the list of people experiencing this problem, However for me it seems to be intermittent. But boy, when it happens you know about it. I'm running stock ROM 1.29.401.12 , full version of Poweramp, Beats Disabled, no audio tweaks/DSP or Equalizers other than Poweramp. Tom
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