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  1. I agreed to whatever said above by @musiclover . I also need Max to post about the status of the app. Only one post and thats it. I dont think it will take much time to write that as well. I know he is busy but for customer sake atleast he could post something( atleast one post ).
  2. Thanks for the update max. I can wait for months because the current version has no issue whatsoever. I am interested to see how the new Poweramp looks like. Take your time man. Keep up the good work. Cheers.
  3. Could you please tell us some news about whats happening and whats the plan for the future. Its been quite a while and no update make me wonder if the development has stopped. Thank you.
  4. hey Poweramp dev, I am using htc explorer and i've installed Poweramp in it. It is working fine and its quite a good app.The only problem i am facing is that whenever i use headset it doesnt respond to button for changing the tracks. To figure out this problem i used playerpro and n7 music player. In both player, they are responding quite well. Please fix it. Thanks
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