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  1. Many thanks for the quick answer. The changed setting has solved my problem. Werner
  2. Cover - Android 10 Android Auto I have problems with the display of covers on the monitor of the car radio. Under Android 10 everything still worked fine. Now under Android 10 the first cover is displayed - from the next track on not anymore. With AIMP it works wonderfully.
  3. The importend thing for a player for music is the quality of the playback. The visualization of music on the smartphone is unimportant. You can use that on the PC. It would be nice even if you could download more cover art from the Internet - as in PlayerPro. I agree with the previous speakers. I also expect eagerly a new version with a working Bluetooth interface.
  4. Since the update to Lolipop Poweramp doesn't start automatical after the bluetooth conection. With Player Pro there is no problem. What can I do. Thank you very much Werner
  5. In version 565 I have an error in lyrics. The text of the songs are not complete. The text is shortend and the text-window has the size of the showed text. Back to 564 - the lyrics are ok.
  6. Now I have installed the new version 480. No trouble with this new version. I have dowgrade after the error was (Upgrade from Gingerbread 2.3.4 to 2.3.6). Thank you.
  7. My phone locale is no-english (German). There aren't any error-messages. Poweramp only closes without any messages. Then I can restart it.Now I use the 467-version without any trouble.
  8. I have installed the new system 2.3.6 for Samsung SGS II. Now I have the problem that Poweramp (477) cannot open the Settings, Equalizer and Folder, the program is crashing. Only playing and lyrics are ok. Now I have tested older version of Poweramp (464,467 and 473) - they are allright. The new version 478 crashes also. I hope, you can find the error.
  9. Hello Max, I have short tested your new Beta Version. Two things: a) Create a little symbol when the lyrics are integrated in the song. Samsung Galaxy SII: the volume is quiter than in the old version. It would be nice if you could change the things. Werner
  10. Thank you maxmpz, we hope the new software is excelent - like the other versions before. Only people who have programmed software know how many errors can occur. Therfor, software needs testing, testing, testing... Than you very much. Werner
  11. The program shows me on restarting again and again the message: "Welcome to Poweramp Thank you for installing Poweramp Update (1.4-build-387 Full Version)" Then always the first Song will be played, after which the songs played back at random (my setting). This happens since the last or second to last update. Is it nomal?
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