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  1. Does this still work? I tried installing the latest version - it installs and I can run immediately after installing. But it doesn't add add an icon to the launcher to open it again, anyone know how to do that? I have to re-install it each time I want to run it right now.
  2. OK, so that feature hasn't been migrated from the old version yet, but is planned. I'll keep my eye on the forums for that update. Thanks for your hard work.
  3. So if I 'm understanding correctly, it picks a random subfolder to play (assuming current folder is empty) , but not random songs from of all the subfolders? Is there no longer a way to play shuffled songs in subfolders with the new version? On the old one I would just long press the root folder, hit shuffle, and it would do it. I thought the green shuffle button replaced that.
  4. I did do a full rescan and it didn't help. Here's a video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uauxqkp3f5y96s2/20181120_131257.mp4?dl=0 I open Poweramp open folder hierarchy browse to mp3s cds > Beach There are 6 sub-directories of beach, if I press the green shuffle button it should randomly play through them. Instead it just plays thorough the Supervillians folder, then onto the other folders
  5. It looks like it's still broken in build 809, should I try an earlier 80x build?
  6. If you are using folder hierarchy - you can browse to a folder of singles and press the snuffle button and it will shuffle those songs. However if you browse to folder containing subfolders, it will only play the 1st subfolder, not shuffle all of them as intented. For example, in this screen shot - pressing the shuffle icon should randomly play those 5 subdirectories, but it only plays Ballyhoo, then jumps to a unrelated folder. It seem this bug has been in all the recent betas, as of 799 it still exists. https://photos.app.goo.gl/Vv4dJjHcpwPwL6wH7
  7. So it looks like this works for files in the immediate directory, but doesn't work for subfolders. It will start to play randomly through the 1st directory, then jump to a completely different directory that is not one of those subfolders. Like it's not recursively going through all of them, and just stopping after the 1st.
  8. Thanks Max for the ongoing updates. I posted this in the last thread but didn't get a response, is anyone else having this behavior, or is it a configuration issue on my install? I have all my music organized in nested folders. Before the recent betas if I wanted to shuffle a folder I would just long press on it and the option to play & shuffle all songs in that folder and subfolders would appear. I don't see that option anymore, has it moved or has that just not been implemented in the new betas yet? It looks like maybe it was replaced by a shuffle icon in this image? https://photos.app.goo.gl/wfWYro2srSeWR7Do7 However when I press it doesn't shuffle those folders. I've never used the queue function before, I was trying that as an alternative but can't quite figure it out the best way to use it. I use Poweramp while driving, so the less buttons required the better. If I wanted to recreate the long press is this the process? open library select queue clear queue navigate to folder to play long press folder press queue select shuffle just songs
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