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  1. I agree that an artist-album sort makes a lot of sense. Particularly if that can be set as default (with other options available which could also be set as default if the user wishes).
  2. If it's still on the sdcard, what happens when you rescan from PA?
  3. What kind of phone? That sounds like badly shielded hardware!
  4. Are your album covers saved in their folders and named something like "folder.jpg"? Or are they embedded in the tags of each song? If you're doing one, I'd suggest trying the other to see if that has any effect. And make sure you blow away the cached data.
  5. Did you try clearing any cached data via Settings/Advanced/Folders-Library Scanner/Erase and Rescan? I had some funky cover art stuff going on until I did this.
  6. Wondering whether anyone out there running Beta 3 also owns Klipsch S4A (Android-specific) headphones. Does the Klipsch app work with Beta 3 to map the headset controls properly?
  7. Have you tried completely uninstalling PA and its data before installing the beta APK? I'm guessing something is corrupted. Now if it's something (like a corrupt driver, etc.) that v2 is accessing that v1.4 isn't, it could be very difficult to track down...
  8. Are you talking about when switching from track to track, using the media volume buttons, or using the PA volume "knob"? If the first, it could be how replay gain and PA are interacting. Try ripping some tracks where you're seeing this issue, but without RG and see what happens.
  9. Kudos on making multidisc albums behave correctly in Beta 3!!!
  10. Question for Max: is date order sorting based on file creation date, or by ID3 track date?
  11. Not zifferal, but since I'm experiencing the same issue, currently I'm using MP3 (with M4A on PA1.4, I would sometimes hear slight popping between tracks on gapless playback, and not hearing the same thing with MP3). But eventually it will be one of these (I'd use M4A for slightly higher quality at the same bitrate, all other things being equal). Hope this is helpful! Thanks!
  12. I have over 14 times that number. So it would be a major headache to re-tag all those tracks (figure 20-25 per multidisc album)...
  13. What I'm seeing is that PA seems to be ignoring the Discnumber tag to resolve multidisc sets. This leads to the behavior Zefferal noted in his initial message (i.e., instead of sorting correctly such that tracks 1/1, 2/1, 3/1, 1/2, 2/2, 3/2 etc. play in the proper order, we're seeing this sorting: 1/1, 1/2, 1/3, 2/1, 2/2, 2/3, 3/1, 3/2, 3/3, etc.). I've tried multidisc sets in separate folders (all tagged properly) as well as in one folder (also tagged properly -- though need to do more testing on the latter with 2.0b2) and don't see any difference.
  14. Any plans to support apt-x? Or does that need to be an Android-layer driver?
  15. BUG It looks like Poweramp 2b1 doesn't know how to deal with multidisk sets. I tried a 3-disk set that PAPro1.4 could resolve fine, but PA2b1 can't. I even tried variations of the multidisc ID3 tag to see if I could coax it, but no go. I suspect it's not even examining that tag, since getting info on a track from that set displays only minimal tag data. This makes this beta of PA2 rather untenable, since maybe a quarter of my music is from multidisk sets. Other than that, I like most of the changes and additions, even though I've experienced a couple of the other bugs mentioned in this thread
  16. Just an interesting note: when uploaded to Google Music Beta, albums organized as Griff's, Genki's, and mine are handled correctly.
  17. Reviving this topic as I've started experimenting with various aspects of Poweramp before I purchase. I'm looking at various ways to transcode my music collection from FLAC to m4a using a supportable folder structure. Will use dBpoweramp Batch Converter to do the transcoding, which gives me a couple of options: 1) Like other posters above have, the most natural way is organizing according to artist/album/tracknum-trackname. In the case of multidisc albums, dBpoweramp can automatically create an artist/album/disc/tracknum-trackname structure, which can be helpful in case I need to re-rip a part
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