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  1. Just an interesting note: when uploaded to Google Music Beta, albums organized as Griff's, Genki's, and mine are handled correctly.
  2. Reviving this topic as I've started experimenting with various aspects of Poweramp before I purchase. I'm looking at various ways to transcode my music collection from FLAC to m4a using a supportable folder structure. Will use dBpoweramp Batch Converter to do the transcoding, which gives me a couple of options: 1) Like other posters above have, the most natural way is organizing according to artist/album/tracknum-trackname. In the case of multidisc albums, dBpoweramp can automatically create an artist/album/disc/tracknum-trackname structure, which can be helpful in case I need to re-rip a particular CD. dBpoweramp detects multidisc albums by reading the DISCNUMBER tag; if there is an xx/xx set of numbers there, it registers as multidisc. 2) Alternatively, I think it would be possible to set variables such that multidisc albums are put in artist/album/tracknum-trackname format, where the tracknum is a concatenation of discnumber-tracknum (so that the first song on the second disc of an album is numbered 201). Now the original tracknum tag will not be rewritten (nor should it be), so my hunch is that Poweramp will not handle that correctly from a library read, and the first tracks from both discs of a multidisc album will be played one after the other. Anyhow, I copied a set of tracks from a multidisc album to my phone. The critical tags are Album (the same across all tracks from both discs), Discnumber (e.g., 1/2, 2/2), and Track (e.g., 1, 2, etc.). When I go into Library in Poweramp, I can drill down into the Artist, and I see two instances of the album (same name), one of which is Disc 1 and the other Disc 2. What I think SHOULD happen is that a multidisc album is displayed as a single album, but the ordering of the tracks therein should proceed from those on disc 1 to disc 2. This would provide the best playback experience for that album. Is this something that can be built into Poweramp, assuming proper track tagging? Thanks!
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