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Don't change all art when changing album art

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I have songs which have their own individual track art, as well as different art for the whole album.  When I change the album cover image, I don't want all the tracks to lose their unique art (unless they don't have art tagged), instead I want the album art to be shown in the album view, but the track art shown on the individual tracks.  Why can't Poweramp keep these separate?  I didn't even realize this was an issue until recently, because it works fine until you try to change one of the song's album art, then suddenly they all change for no reason.

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Agreed. I just tried this, and changing album artwork by long-pressing on the title in the Albums list and then selecting 'Image' causes the album-level artwork to change as expected, but also the first track in the album songs list too - even though all tracks have their own embedded artwork anyway.

I suggested a while back that it would be nice if the Cover Art download/selection dialogue could include an extra tickbox option to control this functionality. Something like "Apply selection to other songs in the same Album too?" would handle it nicely.


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It seems like maxmp started this but didn't finish because you can manually make this work by placing the cover in:


Using this naming sequence :

Artist - Album title.jpg

I have hundreds of files in there. i  have albums that i only have a placeholder when in album view, and the actual artwork for every single song of the album is completely different.

The only snag is some characters don't work and need replaced, like ()/',!&$. An odd example:

(Tom's) Crazy - Album: One!

needs to become 

_Tom_s_ Crazy - Album_ One_.jpg

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folder.jpg has nothing to do with the grouping concept of an 'Album'. Even if you do happen to have all of the songs from one album in its own folder, PA can't expect of know that to be the case.

You can manually edit/replace the downloaded & cached images though, they are in device storage folder /Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/ in sub-folders such as album_art, selected_aa, etc.

I do agree that a broader and longer term solution might be to add an extra option to the Cover Art download/selection dialogue to control this functionality though - such as a tickbox labelled "Apply selection to all songs in the same Album?".


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I know it doesn't work like this in v3, but in v2 this worked.

Any song that was in the same folder as folder.jpg would have a placeholder in any album list. It didn't matter the album title because it wasn't attached to tags. It also wouldn't show in a song list or when playing the songs, it only showed as an album list cover, no matter the tags. I still have v2 on my other phone and it works. 

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