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  1. @maxmp It's just weird that this issue persists even after a full reinstall. It works no problem for every other app (that isn't known for blocking recording). I guess I'll just use another player when casting. Thanks anyway! Airmusic works for me but there's a weird issue where the phone's volume needs to be above 0 BEFORE connecting in order for it to produce sound, otherwise it will remain muted even if you increase the volume after connecting.
  2. @maxmp Unfortunately, uninstalling all Poweramp-related apps, rebooting, and fully reinstalling only Poweramp did not resolve this.
  3. Android 10 added a new feature which allows to capture the device's internal audio, provided the app producing this audio allows it. Currently, PA does not allow internal audio capture. What I'm mostly after is this: There is a neat app called AirMusic which can cast your internal audio via many different protocols such as airplay and upnp/dlna. Rather than implementing all of these in PA it would be far easier to just allow its audio to be captured (this should be fairly simple to do). This could be an option somewhere in the advanced audio settings.
  4. @maxmp I feel like I'm missing something. In PA I can select all songs in my library and queue them. I don't have 10k songs, but I assume this option would still be there if I did. Or am I wrong? I don't really see how queuing 10k songs could cause performance issues on any modern device. @andrewilley For me it's less about getting away from category-based playback and more about having an editable list of all upcoming tracks, but also being able to play with a single click.
  5. @andrewilley Why not just queue everything in the list that is being viewed? I can't think of anything else that would make sense and other players do this as well. If you wanted to listen to only a chunk of the list, you'd just multi-select and queue via the menu.
  6. @andrewilley Yes I know, I just added this because you mentioned that in the queue only mode all tracks would get enqueued when clicking on them. Should probably be an option for both if it does get implemented.
  7. @andrewilley Yes, no doubt that would be more work. Although I would already be happy if there was a setting to make playback more similar to Spotify and other popular players (nothing fancy like merging the queue and categories into one unified way of playing music). The "queue only mode" + pressing a track to play it immediately, if I understand it correctly, would basically be it. That, and the back button issue.
  8. @andrewilley >To reiterate what I said earlier, the Queue in Poweramp is just a list of song files Yes it is a list of songs.. where each song belongs to a particular album, or artist, or genre. The category is still there and it could be used for additional shuffling, repeating, sorting and whatnot. Of course what I'm describing would need to be added to the app first so yes, right now, this additional information is unused and you could say it's just a list of song files. But it doesn't have to be. In terms of the code, there's nothing that would make this fundamentally impossible. >Even if some or all of the songs happen to have been added from one particular album or folder, there is no guarantee of that - nor of whether they have stayed that way. This doesn't matter. The player still knows the category. The category would be determined by what you chose in the library view, like it already does now. >So what should 'Repeat Category', or 'Shuffle Category', do with this list? This will depend on your chosen category. If you started in Album view (i.e you chose the album category), then "Repeat Category" could repeat all queued tracks from that album. For instance, if you're currently playing "Faster Than the Speed of Night" and you activate category repeat, it would play Faster than the speed of night Holding out for a hero Repeat 1. (Assuming there's nothing else in the queue) This is because you used album category and these two tracks are the only ones from the album "Greatest Hits" by Bonnie Tyler in your list. Similarly, "Shuffle Category" could shuffle these two tracks. This would keep the current behavior if you don't have any manually queued items. That is, if you play "Faster than the speed of night" from the album view, all tracks from that album would be added to the list, and then repeating, shuffling and advancing category would obviously behave the same as it already does now. However, if you do queue an item manually then repeat category would be slightly different: Whereas PA right now will just play until it exits the manually queued items list and then continue with the category & repeat it, this would repeat even the manually queued items (according to their category). If you don't want that, you just activate "repeat category" once you're at the album you want to repeat. Or, you know, this could be implemented differently to skip manually queued items like it already does. The bottom line is that you have all the information necessary in order to make these buttons work. The only question is, what is the most reasonable thing they could do for rearranged lists?
  9. @samuelawachie Yes, looking at Spotify now I realize that only the section with the manually queued items is called the queue. I admit this may have confused people, sorry for that. I am referring to the list of all upcoming tracks. So the queue plus everything in "Next From". The distinction doesn't actually matter that much in Spotify because you can freely rearrange everything in that view anyways. My point still stands, I think you can implement this while keeping the category shuffle, repeat and advance functionalities.
  10. @samuelawachie It does not, but we're talking about different things. Play an album in Spotify, all of its tracks get added to the queue. To be clear, I'm calling everything that I see in the queue view "the queue". So when you click on the list button in the bottom left, you see everything. If you play an album in PA and then go to Library > Queue, there's nothing because you haven't queued anything manually.
  11. @andrewilley A track is still in the same folder even if you use a queue. It is still made by the same artist and it's still within the same album and genre. The categories are still there no matter how much you move the tracks in the queue. Therefore you can still shuffle and repeat based on that information. I have already provided an example of how that could work in the general case of a rearranged queue, but maybe it's better if I am more concrete. Let's say I have a small library containing only two albums: Album1, which contains tracks A, B and C, and Album2, which contains tracks X, Y and Z. I go to the library view, click on Albums and choose the first one in the list, Album1. There I press on track A. Then A plays immediately while B and C are added to the queue, it is now [A, B, C]. Say I reach the end of the list. The next category would be Album2. I press >>>, advancing to the next album, the queue is now [X, Y, Z]. Suppose I'm playing Album1 but now I want to also listen to X from Album2. I enqueue X and maybe also move the tracks a bit to obtain a new queue [A, C, X, B]. But I have still chosen the "Albums" category, and A, B, C belong to Album1, and X belongs to Album2. So why shouldn't I be able to advance to the next category? In this case, I'd first advance to X (skipping C because it is in the same category as the currently playing track A), then back to Album1, track B. Clicking >>> now once more would again set my queue to [X, Y, Z], because Album2 is the next category after Album1 to which track B belongs. Alternatively, you could make all category functions ignore queued items altogether, so in the example above you'd immediately jump from [A, C, X, B] to [X, Y, Z] upon pressing >>>, because you originally started playback at Album1. This second approach would make it work the same way as PA does right now, although maybe you'd need some sort of visual indicator in the queue view that X has been manually added and will therefore be ignored when using category playback options.
  12. @andrewilley No, it does not have to be meaningless, even when you're operating with a queue. And I have literally just explained in detail why... What I am suggesting is the best of both worlds.
  13. @andrewilley A normal queue is one that is found in most music players. Think Spotify, Soundcloud, GoneMad, the aforementioned MusicBee, FooBar, etc. They all do it fairly similarly (or have an option to, although it's usually by default). There's no spec, same as how there's no official spec for what the back button should do, yet still most developers have agreed to do it in a particular way. PA disagrees. Sometimes it's good to deviate from the norm, sometimes it's bad, but either way you should think carefully whenever you do that. To me it seems like the queue wasn't thought through because again, a normal queue does everything that has been mentioned in this thread. Although what you're describing is something else. I'll try again. Clicking on an item would play it immediately (depending on your configured "List Item Click Action"), but all upcoming tracks would be added to the queue. Same goes for Play/Shuffle. You can still queue tracks (long press, then "Queue") which would insert it in the queue immediately after the current song. The upcoming tracks would be simply everything that Poweramp would normally play. The added advantage here is that you get to see the upcoming tracks and to rearrange their order to your liking. But if you do nothing, then nothing changes, it plays everything in the order you're used to. Yes, the queue would remain active permanently. But due to the above point it would not make a difference for users who prefer the old system. The shuffle categories, repeat category, advance category and other buttons would remain. The usual music player does not implement these though, so admittedly you'd need to do a bit more thinking. First assume the queue can not be rearranged – then it only acts as a (clickable) display for all upcoming tracks. There would be no need to change the way PA shuffles, repeats or plays your music, and you won't need to remove any functionality, as it's only a convenient view (it's only part of the front-end, if you will). Now assume that you can rearrange as well. Note that rearranging does not make each track's category disappear; songs will still remain within their albums and folder, and they will keep their genre and artist. So let's say you start with the following queue: [(A, B, C), {X, Y, Z}]. Here, A,B,C,X,Y,Z are individual songs, and the curly brackets and round brackets indicate that A,B,C are in a different category than X,Y,Z. Let's say I go to the queue and move song X just after A, yielding a new list [(A), {X}, (B, C), {Y, Z}]. Now A,B,C and X,Y,Z are still in their same categories, but the two categories are partially interleaved in the list. However, there's no reason to remove any of these category playback modes. In this case for example, starting at A and clicking '>>>' several times would take you to A, then X, then B, then Y. Repeating category would play A,B,C, and then A again. And so on. This way, these buttons are not affected unless you modify the queue (which should keep long-time users happy). If you do modify the queue, they still do what they say. To reiterate: If you don't modify the queue, the overall play order & behavior would remain exactly the same as it is right now. So if you're perfectly happy with how PA plays your music, only view the queue if you want to see the next songs or albums when you're shuffling. @samuelawachie It's cool that you studied CS, I did the same. But I fail to see how this is pertinent to the discussion. CS won't give you any new insights here unless we're talking about the underlying code which we are not. I'm still waiting for a concrete example of PA's queue doing something that the queue I'm suggesting can't do.
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