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  1. @flyingdutchman OK, uninstalling Poweramp did the trick as far as getting rid of YAPS settings; however, after reinstalling it all, the issue is still there like before: track name and album fields aren't as wide as they could be. Left margin is at -4.
  2. That is what I did; however, uninstalling YAPS does not erase its settings, it seems. As soon as I reinstall YAPS and enable it as a skin in Poweramp, it looks exactly like I had it set up before, which means it is pulling in old settings. Do I need to first click "Restore Defaults" before uninstalling YAPS?
  3. @flyingdutchman Thanks. Mine was set to -25. If I set it to -4, then the field shrinks even more. Sounds like there isn't a way to make it fill the entire width of the screen?
  4. Thanks, but that only partially works. I can get it to extend to the left side of the screen, but on the right side it is still getting cut off and not extending to the right edge. See attached. This is on my Shanling M3X, using Yaps v233.
  5. Another question: is there an option to widen the track name and artist/album scroll area on the now playing screen?
  6. Sorry if this was covered earlier, on the main now playing screen, there are two buttons: "Add to Playlist" on the left and "Delete Track" on the right. Can I hide these two buttons or at least move them? I can't find the option that controls them.
  7. So, I had to remove myself from the beta program and uninstall the beta version before I could install the latest version.
  8. Auto disabled where? Where do you go to enable it? I'm not seeing such an option.
  9. Why am I not seeing this release on Google Play store on any of my devices? Is it because I'm a beta tester? Do I need to leave the beta program to be able to get this 194 release? I'm stuck on V192.
  10. Just installed YAPS on my M3X. Incredible amount of configurability! Amazing work @flyingdutchman! A couple of questions. Sorry if this has been covered earlier: 1. Is there an option to move the play buttons up so that they don't sit right on top of the seek bar? 2. Is there an option to widen the Track Name/Artist/Album text area? This would reduce the need for side-to-side text scrolling. I noticed these problems only exist on my DAP, but not on my phone. This is possibly due to a different screen aspect ratio. The DAP is 768x1280 (16:9.5). By comparison, my phone has an aspect ratio of 19.5:9. Thanks!
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