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  1. Thanks I will check it out! I remember this application but haven't tested it out just yet ---------- > other question I had regarding the new beta release, not sure if it's a bug or just a setting I have with the default black skin or a 3rd party skin, while in song list view or even Playlist view where you can view your list of songs, the background color is changing to a blue / teal ish color sometimes randomly , then it will change back to black or whatever the skin color should be. I've even seen a brown or red tint background color. is this a martial you setting? I feel like i have that turned off. I can provide screens if necessary .
  2. Is there a way to edit ratings from internal playlists or .m3u playlists directly within the database files? still kinda having issues with the ratings saving. or should i export playlists / ratings more frequently? not sure that would help.
  3. lately when i have been adding new songs to a playlist, they do not show up at the bottom of the playlists like they used to. is this a setting i accidentally enabled? build 939 Thanks
  4. @andrewilleythanks so much for explaining what happened. i think you are spot on with your answer. i just did not understand why it was occurring or what the issue was exactly, that's why my comments were in here do you think it was because i carried these same playlists from my old phone? an s10 with my music and playlists all being on an SD card, to an s22 with internal storage only? or did somehow the mp3 files and folders in these playlists get modified somehow? I will just start to build out new playlists. my library is very sloppy these days. i used to create my playlists in itunes then export them to my phone using isyncr, but i no longer manage my music on the computer so nicely. i just drag and drop mp3s into my music folder and go, and build playlists manually.,
  5. yes. after a full scan, within many playlists, these mp3 files tags are not correctly being read. however, if i search for the same songs within the Poweramp library, but not within these playlists, i can see the correct tags and album art. i can even re-add these files to the playlists and they will show correctly. even marking "do not add duplicate files to playlists" option enabled, these same songs will be added to the playlist, as if the ones with broken tags are not being detected within the playlists.
  6. I just tried a Library > rescan and it didn't restore the tags... this function used to restore the tags a few months ago when i had this issue, maybe even last year sometime. A quick scan wouldn't, but normal re-scan would.
  7. So it happened again this morning. This is what I did. Connected phone to computer via usb Added songs to music folder in root directory of Galaxy S22 Navigated to "Recently Added" in Poweramp, clicked 3 dot menu, clicked "Rescan" (phone still plugged into pc via usb) Now there are hundreds of songs that have the same issue where the song will play, but cannot update tags or album art. > the name of the song displayed in power amp is exactly the title of the file. Tried a normal rescan in Poweramp settings > library, this did not fix it. Tried a full re-scan, made sure screen did not sleep when this process was running, same results the tags are still the same, but title not displayed correctly, still displayed as file name, can't edit album art. restarted phone, same results however if i navigate to the song with a search or through the library, the song displays as it should with correct tags and album art. >> i can add this song back to my original playlist and it will look and behave correctly' I will once again remove full app permissions and download the latest build and test. I am currently on 933. I do import playlists from an exported file I create before I revoke permissions, and it works as normally after import, but then breaks after some days.
  8. when i long press and try to view info/tags, nothing happens, the small popup menu at the bottom screen disappears. i also did a full rescan and set my phone to never sleep and kept Poweramp the active app. the issue is still there. I will try a full re-scan again. if that does not work i'll revoke all permissions and storage and try again.
  9. Here's a screenshot of how files in my playlist look. this time i did not remove full app permissions. but i did go into storage and removed the folders, then re-added and did a full scan. the issue still persists. the songs will still play but i can't edit the tags of these files.
  10. so it just happened again, not sure what caused it. i think the only think i imported was playlists and possibly album art. no system settings. i removed storage permissions and re-added my main folder, which is just the "music" folder on the root of the device. just curious but does anyone know why this happens or are there logs to show why? best
  11. Thanks for the help. A full re-scan did not fix it. i just went with starting over fresh. It's okay... I've been using PA for a decade. I love the app. A fresh start with a new phone is fine. I just hope it does not keep happening ! I did the revoke storage action.
  12. I'm having the same issue. Is the only way to fix this with a full rescan? Usually a Playlist scan would repair this. But this time a normal scan isnt resolving it. Is there a way to import ratings after a full rescan? The songs will still play but even if I edit the tags it won't save them. Also it doesn't let me re add album art or really modify anything. S22, internal storage.
  13. This was it, thank you! i restored my old settings from my phone and went in and manually turned it on thinking it was something else. Thanks so much.
  14. I have a question that I don't think is a bug or a new release issues i have an S22 and phone always wakes up instantly after i press the power button when Poweramp is the active application. Is this related to the app or my phone? i've turned off gestures and wake on lift, etc. does anyone have this issue with Poweramp ? Thanks,
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